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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 10/11/2021

Prepare for Medicare 2022 Open Enrollment

Starting on October 15th, current Medicare beneficiaries can make changes for the 2022 plan year. Learn about changes in Medicare, how to review your options, and how to have a successful annual review. This is a live interactive event so you can get the answers to all your Medicare questions. Featuring John Norce, Founder of the Medicare Portal 

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Link to Podcast

Questions Answered in this Discussion 

  • Advantage programs are being advertised as the best plan. What are the positives and negatives of the regular supplement and advantage plans? Confusion is caused by the TV advertising and not the total truth is if often told. 
  • Thanks for this presentation. Will u explain Coinsurance 
  • If your client has a problem/ denial of a service or Rx,  with their part D or C plan, do you help them with an appeal or exception? 
  • When you change from a supplement to an advantage  or from advantage back to a supplement. Will you have to get an under-writers approval which may cause higher cost due to pre-existing conditions 
  • Are FEHB plans considered Part C plans - Medicare Advantage? 
  • I am understanding you to say that Part F is available to those who have it. But not available to new enrollee's? Part F helps with part B deductible? How does income affect Part B premiums? What is the possible maximum premium?
  • Sorry I may have missed what the meaning of ANOC is? 
  • How do you download his PP slides? What is the difference between an Advantage Plan and enrolling in the supplement? 
  • Is “Medigap” the same as Supplemental? 
  • Thank you for being willing to teach and educate about sometimes complicated and confusing health insurance information So medigap supplement plans have insurance underwriting and be qualified for pre existing conditions? 
  • This is complicated Great! Thanks! Can you discuss the enrollment rules for individuals who have employer coverage for themselves and spouses, and how to proceed beginning at age 64? 
  • Will be eligible for Medicare in Feb. Plan to continue to work. Can you confirm just need to enroll in the basic medicare. Don't need supplemental policy. Will continue to have insurance with current employer. 
  • Snow Birds, who live in the north and for cold winter months move to southern states or warmer places and live in warmer places for summer months. If secondary insurance is Medicaid for your state. Do you need a supplement, medigap plan to cover the twenty percent, while you are in the southern states with your Medicare Original coverage for the first eighty percent? 
  • This may not be a general question. But the clients l typically serve  mostly have medicaid/medicare.  What is recommended for the additional coverage for medicaid clients B and D? 
  • For people in states you don't cover, how do you suggest people find a reputable company that offers similar services to what you offer? 
  • Telehealth, can you obtain telehealth health care services with original Medicare for physicians and health care providers in a state other than your home state? If yes, how will the twenty percent medigap be covered? 
  • Thank you so much In looking at a significance difference between Advantage and Medigap...it appears that Advantage will cover an immediate hospital stay but NOT if it goes to a longer stay or nursing care, but that Medigap will.  Is this a valid assessment? 
  • The Book they send out called MEDICARE AND YOU, we were surprised to see Medicare will now cover Acupuncture as a care plan and treatment for pain. Have not had a chance to read the details in the book, but are you aware of new coverage for care offered by original Medicare. 
  • Because of the pandemic we learned that Medicare added telehealth and telephone health care. Thank you It seems to often surprise Medicare participants (traditional & Kaiser) that only 100 SNF days are covered (in a given benefit period) - do some plans cover more? So after age 65 plus six months, medigap will require medical underwriting? 
  • I'm pretty sure that if an employee enrolls in A & B (because small employer) - the guarantee issue period for Medigap will still expire after 6 months

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