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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 04/14/2023

Real Life Caregiving Story with Nicole Smith

A live & interactive discussion with Nicole Smith as she shares her unique journey of caregiving for her mother with Alzheimer's.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/utnicolesmith/
  • www.daughterhood.org
  • IG @dementiabookreview
  • nicolesmithtxex@gmail.com

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Questions Asked

  • Thanks, Nicole for sharing your story. So informative and helpful for so many of us who are going through a similar situation ourselves or our close family and friends. Great job! What were most important questions for screening/choosing/hiring elder care attorney?
  • Perfect! Thanks so much. In hindsight, what are a few things that we and our elderly relatives can do to prepare for this type of situation? Especially how to handle those relatives who are resistant to planning ahead or incapable of making important decisions?

Chat Transcript

12:22:01     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Here are some recordings of other real-life stories! https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/videos?q=real-life

12:27:37     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Dangers of Kitchen Fires for Older Adults - Affordable Solution https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/videos/dangers-of-kitchen-fires-for-older-adults-affordable-solution

12:39:17     From  Leslie McTyre : Prepare primarily by knowing that your emotions will be put through the greatest test of your life when your mom suddenly becomes unrecognizable - when he doesn't recognize you or attacks you or forgets your name, etc. The rest of the "objective" worries are tiny in comparison.

12:40:04     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : What Is A “CARE COUPLE”? https://advocateformomanddad.com/what-is-a-care-couple/

12:47:15     From  Nicole Smith   to   Hosts and panelists : @dementiabookreview on Instagram

12:47:27     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Aging Life Care™️, also known as geriatric care management, is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges. Working with families, the expertise of Aging Life Care Professionals provides the answers at a time of uncertainty. https://www.aginglifecare.org/

12:49:53     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Nicole Smith



IG @dementiabookreview

12:49:56     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : <nicolesmithtxex@gmail.com>

12:55:47     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Anne Tumlinson, founder of Daughterhood, has spent the last two decades working on improving how America cares for its frailest, most vulnerable older adults. Founded in early 2015, Daughterhood’s mission is to support and build confidence in women who are managing their parents’ care. https://www.daughterhood.org/

12:56:43     From  Mary Meeker   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you so much Nicole, for sharing your story and being so vulnerable. I am so excited to check out daughterhood and share it with my mother who has been caring for my grandmother for 9 years.

12:58:37     From  Leslie McTyre : Thanks!!


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