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Posted by Lifecare Affordability Plan on 12/02/2022

Real Life Story: Money Matters + Dementia/Memory Care + Making A Move to a Life Plan Community

A live and interactive discussion with Tonya Bodzin who used the innovative Lifecare Affordability Plan to better understand choices and empower her decision-making. Tonya will share the experience of downsizing, caring for her husband with dementia, and making a move to a Life Plan Community.

Questions Asked:

  • So great to have this true, common and honest story. My hat is off to both of you.  Also, in terms of dementia progression…the move is often a trigger or makes change more obvious.  OY!
  • Could you please share contact info for Life Care plan as well as Insight memory care?
  • Martha Wolf   and that you are willing to share your story! Thank you!
  • CCRC/LPC are amazing and I have a deposit for one and I plan to be in one in the future!
  • One thing that has come to my attention lately.  While on the waiting list, make safety and accessibility updates to your home…so you don’t suffer the type of injury that stops your moving dreams from occurring
  • Moved funds to SEIA? what is SEIA?
  • Tonya what was the organization that picked up your furniture
  • I mean the donation organization
  • Does Lifecare Affordability Plan help in MD too?
  • This sounds like a fantastic resource for folks looking to retire or downsize!  For the "on-off assessment/plan", what is involved in starting one, what is the cost?  I can see where many of our clients would be interested on one or the other option.
  • Life Care Affordability Plan are you national or only in DC Maryland and Virginia area?


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