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Spotlight on the Virginia Tech Center for Gerontology - NEW Online Graduate Certificate

A discussion with Dr. Pamela Teaster, director of the Center for Gerontology and Bob Blacato, an instructor in the new Graduate Certificate in Leadership for an Aging Society program.

Bob Blacato more than 20 years of service in the congressional and executive branches of the federal government, Blancato is a past senior staff member of the U.S. House Select Committee on Aging, and he served as executive director of the 1995 White House Conference on Aging. He serves on both the National Board of AARP and the Advisory Panel on Outreach and Education of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. As president of Matz, Blancato and Associates, he also directs several national coalitions, including the Elder Justice Coalition and Defeat Malnutrition Today. 

Chat Transcript

12:34:37     From  Alice Whitfield : Alice Whitfield from PGCDHSS alice.whitfield@maryland.gov

12:34:37     From  Mariam Nasseri Pelletier : SilverStay has built a network that consists of Hospital Systems, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living Facilities which allows us to work quickly to find safe and affordable assisted living options for patients when needed. We have been successful in placing patients with challenging budgets as well as those with difficult behaviors. Our goal is first and foremost patient safety but also to decrease length of stay and readmission rates.

12:34:48     From  Louis Tenenbaum : From Louis Tenenbaum at HomesRenewed. Two articles:  https://generations.asaging.org/home-modifications-aging-place-remodeling

12:34:53     From  Louis Tenenbaum : https://www.homecaremag.com/September-2020/home-based-care-needs-home-modification

12:35:08     From  Donna Gayles : Good Afternoon Everyone! Donna Gayles here. Patient Advocate from Capital Caring Health-DC 703.213.7964 dgayles@capitalcaring.org 

12:35:11     From  Gail Hubberman : Hi All, Gail Hubberman with MarketPro Homebuyers. We offer seniors a hassle free option to selling their home. You can learn more at www.MarketproHomebuyers.com. I can be reached at 301-337-4703 or by email ghubberman@marketprohomes.com

12:37:15     From  Emily Green-Blicher : Hi Everyone, Emily Green-Blicher, RN, BSN Nurse Care Manager rom Coordinating Senior Care.  Professional Care Management services helping seniors in Montgomery Cty,. NW DC with challenges of aging. Med management and advocacy for seniors. 301-765-8926

12:37:23     From  Sophia Ross : What is the name of the sponsor group?

12:37:41     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills   to   All panelists : Hi all.. Pamela Mills of Enriching Connections is a concierge-style, all-inclusive, care organization service exclusively for people living with dementia.  We also provide team training in the best practices of assisting people living with dementia.  www.enrichingconnections.org   enrichingconnections1@gmail.com  or 443-616-7300

12:39:05     From  Jamie Vela   to   All panelists : Jamie Vela—I’m a VT Hokie! Looking forward to this. Home care Specialist with Capital City Nurses. jvela@capitalcitynurses.com 301-318-7730

12:39:32     From  Jennifer Brown : Hi everyone!  Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager - Seabury Resources for Aging - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org  - Seabury provides Care Management and client social/life enrichment services throughout the DMV.  

12:39:51     From  Olive Freeman   to   All panelists : From Olive Freeman, Senior Care Management 

12:40:59     From  Barbara Sullivan : Good afternoon everyone. Barbara Sullivan, Executive Director, Village to Village Network. We are the National Association that supports and represents 350 Villages throughout the US. 

12:41:55     From  Spencer Garrett : Good Morning, Spencer Garrett, CMAG Health Solutions. We specialize in Wellness Technology, using smart home systems to assist seniors aging in place and their families. I would love to learn more about what you do as well, if you would like to meet virtually or for an outdoor coffee, please reach out to me at Spencer@cmaghealth.com or 410-517-2624

12:42:10     From  Pamela Teaster   to   Jamie Vela and all panelists : I am thrilled to write a fellow Hokie!!  My son is in nursing at UVA.  

12:46:02     From  Casandra Key   to   All panelists : How much is the certificate program?

12:46:35     From  Ben Slabaugh : Hi everyone! Ben Slabaugh and Kacey Troyer from Inspirations Assisted Living and Memory Care - bslabaugh@inspired-joy.com 717-679-3779  www.inspired-joy.com  It’s been great to be the September sponsor!

12:47:28     From  Helen Udofia-Miggins   to   All panelists : Do we pay for these classes?

12:47:37     From  Mark Asch : Hello All...I hope you are having a great week... this is Mark Asch with Right At Home a licensed home care agency, providing caregivers to do non-medical home care for clients in Montgomery County, Prince George's County and parts of Baltimore City and County in Maryland 301-255-0066 Office 410-292-2405 Direct mark@rightathomemd.net

12:49:45     From  Helen Udofia-Miggins   to   All panelists : How does one register for this class?

12:53:40     From  steve gurney : https://liberalarts.vt.edu/research-centers/center-for-gerontology/leadership-for-an-aging-society-graduate-certificate.html

12:54:48     From  Rebeca Brown   to   All panelists : HI All, This is Rebeca Brown from Care With Love. We do home care, home health and wheelchair and regular transportation. you can reach our office at 703-935.4070 or me directly on my cellphone at 202-4313648

12:57:28     From  susan kimmel   to   All panelists : When do you have to apply for the spring course?  Which course is offered in the spring.

12:59:39     From  Lauren Gwinn : Do you have to be a student at Virginia Tech in order to apply?

13:00:14     From  Carole Stadfield   to   All panelists : No.

13:13:35     From  Pamela Teaster : My email address: pteaster@vt.edu

13:14:39     From  Barbara Sullivan : Here is the link for our Virtual Village Gathering on October 6, 13, 20th.  My contact is vtv@vtvnetwork.org

13:14:45     From  Barbara Sullivan : https://proaging.wufoo.com/forms/national-virtual-village-gathering

13:19:19     From  todd nicusanti : Todd Nicusanti www.seniorhandyservices.com 

13:25:36     From  Jamie Vela : this was great thank you!

13:27:01     From  Lauren Gwinn : Thank you for sharing this!

13:30:20     From  Barbara Sullivan : Thanks Steve, Pamela and Bob. Great information. Excited to share with our network.

13:30:27     From  Adrienne Robinson : Thank you all so much. 

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