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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 08/18/2021

Technology to Manage a Care Team

A live and interactive discussion with the founder of CareTree https://caretree.me/, an innovative platform designed to manage care with an entire care team. This platform can be used by families and providers. 

Carl Hirschman, Founder & CEO of CareTree

Chat Transcript

12:05:14     From  Robert Pearce : Hello everyone.  Bob Pearce with The Option Group.  We are Certified Caregiving Consultants that provide care management, patient advocacy and care coordination.  www.theoptiongroup.net

12:05:22     From  Denise Valerio : Hello All, Denise Valerio, aging life care manager, The Option Group, based in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  I am based in PA and can be reached at 215-896-6756.  Stay Safe !!

12:05:28     From  Thomas Batcho : We provide live in ederly service.

12:05:58     From  Michael Hughes : Hello Bob!

12:06:52     From  Louis Tenenbaum   to   Hosts and panelists : Ni Carl,  Louis Tenenbaum her. Great to see you!

12:07:00     From  Robert Pearce : Hi Mike!

12:07:03     From  Denise Valerio : Hello Carl,  SO good to see you and you look great!!  Caretree is an awesome product and Carl totally gets what care managers do.

12:07:52     From  Denise Valerio   to   Hosts and panelists : Carl, you continue to humble me with your kindness...Denise

12:09:07     From  Ken Silverstein : Hi Everyone--Ken Silverstein, AlfredHouse Assisted Living--10 boutique homes serving the DMV, yes we have rooms available.  Contact info:  240-535-0597, ksilverstein@alfredhouse.com.  Referrals greatly appreciated.

12:12:30     From  Aileen Klein : Will you demonstrate the sw today, so that we can see it?

12:14:23     From  Jim Bland : Hi everyone Jim Bland with Seniors Home Services. We provide very affordable 24/7 Live Remote In Home Care and fall prevention/detection technologies and services that help seniors prevent falls and remain in their homes for as long as possible. Our website is www.seniorshomeservices.com and I can be reached at jbland@seniorshomeservices.com or my direct line at 410-610-6937

12:23:24     From  Judy Wagner : Some questions:

12:24:27     From  Judy Wagner : What is the cost to use?  What type of cybersecurity to you have? Does it provide caregiver recommendations in any area?

12:26:22     From  Jim Bland : What percentage of your users are living at home alone full time or at home alone for a period of time during the day or evening?

12:26:33     From  Michael Hughes : Have you all done a review on the HIPPA regs of family and third parties entering and managing health info?

12:26:38     From  Judy Wagner : Can a caregiver enter on behalf on someone?

12:33:04     From  ZelmaRuth Peterson : Thank you for your vision and hard work developing this. So what are the main differences between the family version and the professional version?

12:33:30     From  Irene Hantman   to   Hosts and panelists : Does the family version permit keeping track of caregivers and appointments on a calendar?

12:37:01     From  Stephanie Martirani : Sounds like this can provide quite a bit of functionality, and also serve as a "Caring Bridge" alternative so families aren't having to manage this & that.

12:41:08     From  Judy Wagner : I like the vitals.  Do you get to pick which vitals to use?  For example, with my Mom, we were always monitoring bowel movements (I know TMI).  Can this handle that?  P.S. Also liked  the scheduling.  I was a DIYer with Mom.  Scheduling was a real battle.

12:44:55     From  ZelmaRuth Peterson : So what would be the cost for a Family to upgrade from the Family Version to the Professional Version?

12:50:43     From  Denise Valerio : great presentation and information!!  as always, big thank you Steve

12:51:35     From  Carol Ragsdale : Still concerned about security of medical and financial info on the Internet when using this platform. What precautions built in to assure all users are actually those we trust?

12:53:42     From  Michael Hughes : What B2B orgs do you think are most turnkey ready to use your offering?  Facilities?  Home care?  value-based care orgs?

12:59:20     From  Irene Hantman   to   Hosts and panelists : If I’m an ER doc or nurse, how will they be able to access carefree.me?

12:59:29     From  Siena Stetson   to   Hosts and panelists : siena@caretree.me

13:02:00     From  Stephanie Martirani : Great presentation! I was aware of your professional version, but not the free family version - great resource, thanks!

13:02:12     From  Michael Hughes : Great tech guys!


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