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What's Next Discussion with Aging Expert and Author Lisa M. Cini

Thought provoking conversation with Lisa M. Cini, regarded as a leading Alzheimer's and senior living design expert with a focus on technology and intergenerational connections. Lisa founder of Mosaic Design Studio www.mosaicdesignstudio.com and Best Living Tech www.bestlivngtech.com and is the author of three books:

BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology
Hive: the simple guide to multigeneraltional living
The Future is here: Senior Living Reimagined 

Chat Transcript 

12:04:34     From  Lydia Oladapo : Happy Friday. Lydia here. lynogbadu@yahoo.com

12:05:00     From  Catherine Zimmerman : Catherine Zimmerman, RN with Home Health Options Group

12:05:14     From  Jenny Pearson   to   All panelists : Jenny Pearson from Maryland Relay here! We can provide no cost accessible telecommunications for seniors and veterans that have difficulty using a standard telephone. Jennifer.Pearson@maryland.gov 443-280-4535

12:05:16     From  Queenie Kemmerer : Hi Everyone, Queenie Kemmerer, Owner/Founder Home Marketing Services for Seniors (HMSS) www.hmss-usa.com 540-687-8794 queenie@hmss-usa.com

12:05:50     From  Beverly Bugos PhD : Hi Everyone.  Beverly Bugos PhD, private consultant in Tech. Policy & R&D Management, consulting to seniors in affordable housing.  Please if any of you have information relative to senior affordable housing and related policy please contact me at 703-582-8933 or bbugos@alum.MIT.edu

12:06:33     From  Mary Moeder : Happy Friday! Mary Moeder with Byrd and Byrd LLC Elder Law Attorneys and Litigation. Serve MD and DC, mmoeder@ByrdandByrd.com, 301-464-7448 

12:07:25     From  Joe Sperling   to   All panelists : Happy Friday Campers.  FEEL GREAT PROTECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY with Long-Term Care coverage.  You may have options. Call me for guidance.  Joe Sperling 301-980-8869.  joe@joesperlinginsurance.com

12:07:35     From  Ravi Bala : Ravi Bala, Agetech Evangelist, Mentor to AgeTech Startups, C: 610-220-7434 

12:07:51     From  tracey nalesnik : Good afternoon, Tracey Nalesnik from Visiting Angels, Largo, MD. 301-583-8820 www.visitingangelspg.com/Largo

12:08:16     From  Catherine McCallum : Catherine McCallum, LCSW-C, Coral Life Strategies, LLC info@corallifestrategies.com.

12:09:06     From  Barbara Sullivan : Good afternoon, Barbara Sullivan, Executive Director, Village to Village Network. vtv@vtvnetwork.org 

12:09:24     From  Gregory Cardinal   to   All panelists : Hi All, Dr. Cardinal owner/podiatrist of Podiatrist in Motion. House Call podiatry services for people of all ages. www.podiatristinmotion.com; 703-879-5155

12:10:34     From  Catherine McCallum : Amen for the caregivers and staff.

12:10:49     From  Karen Vassar : Truer words were never spoken!

12:11:04     From  steve gurney   to   Gregory Cardinal and all panelists : Greg - make sure you repost your comment and choose the drop down menu ALL PANELIST AND ATTENDEES

12:11:12     From  Jenny Pearson : Jenny Pearson from Maryland Relay here! We can provide no cost accessible telecommunications for seniors and veterans that have difficulty using a standard telephone. Jennifer.Pearson@maryland.gov 443-280-4535

12:12:09     From  Joan Green : I’m so excited to hear this presentation!!  Joan Green www.innovativespeech.com  joan@innovativespeech.com.

12:12:18     From  Joe Sperling   to   All panelists : Loneliness is epidemic.

12:12:51     From  Catherine Zimmerman : laughter and socialization is key to healthy and happy living

12:13:10     From  Lynn Golub-Rofrano   to   All panelists : There are masks that only have the mouth clear but do close on the sides, I have been looking into them. Lynn Golub-Rofrano, Georgetown Village

12:13:26     From  Gregory Cardinal : Hi All, Dr. Cardinal owner/podiatrist of Podiatrist in Motion. House Call podiatry services for people of all ages. www.podiatristinmotion.com; 703-879-5155

12:13:29     From  cordell martin : Cordell Martin Tribute at Melford Assisted Living/Memory Care Bowie MD Community Relations.

12:13:47     From  Joan Green : I have the clear masks and fine that they actually make my speech harder to understand. It’s so hard to figure out a workable solution.

12:13:53     From  Jenny Pearson : www.theclearmask.com

12:13:57     From  Lynn Golub-Rofrano   to   All panelists : https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=masks+with+clear+mouth&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

12:14:00     From  tracey nalesnik : Clear masks are available from a local small business called Havanue. Visit www.havanue.com

12:14:02     From  Shaunda Bellamy   to   All panelists : Can we receive a copy of this session?  I just hopped on late.

12:14:21     From  Jennifer Abernethy   to   All panelists : Great points. Love this talk about hearing. So many suffer.

12:14:42     From  Shaunda Bellamy   to   All panelists : Wow

12:15:14     From  Patricia Dubroof : Is it a system that Costco sends??

12:16:25     From  Catherine McCallum : I heard the new iPhone 11 has better volumn

12:16:48     From  cordell martin : Cordell Martin Tribute at Melford Assisted Living/Memory Care Bowie MD Community Relations 301-329-5565 ext. 3403. Regarding Clear Mask info I just spoke with someone who does this her info. Havanue www.Havanue.com ask for Joni Jackson Graham 301-466-5990  

12:17:04     From  Sean Curry : On facemask news: Our organization is rolling out a new initiative in the coming weeks for face masks with the Checkered Eye (https://www.checkeredeye.com/) low vision logo. These will be no cost for persons with low vision. We will have literature and an awareness campaign included in this movement in the Fall. I am happy to share with anyone interested: scurry@youreyes.org

12:17:15     From  Catherine McCallum : My father had hearing issues. He would target his hearing aid on opposing counsel during trial. Not disabled. Differently abled.

12:19:48     From  Catherine Zimmerman : my parents and in-laws all have a loss of time and opportunities because of stay in place & social isolating.   i like the Zoom rooms and the on-line game opportunities but I am looking for new options to meet the needs of our clients.

12:20:28     From  Olive Freeman : Have the Staff take a picture with a Smile, and put it in a plastic sleeve to be placed around the neck. The Residents would have an idea of who the staff actually is. Most of the time it's hard to see who's actually behind the Mask.

12:20:57     From  Mary Moeder : Where can you get a face mask tested for use in the health care industry? I know of a person who makes on with a window mask that is durable and machine washable. 

12:21:40     From  Olive Freeman : From Olive 

12:21:41     From  Sue Maddox   to   All panelists : Excellent Discussion !! Thanks You so much

12:27:28     From  Cheryl Fahlman : Hello everyone, Cheryl Fahlman, Sincerae where we provide support for caregivers as they care for their aging loved ones (info@sincerae.com or 1.888.697.6922)

12:27:39     From  Catherine McCallum : You look great!

12:28:22     From  Mary Moeder : Cordell, yes Joni is great but it's not CDC approved and she wants to know who to contact to get it tested.

12:29:08     From  Joe Sperling   to   All panelists : Steve:  Can you make available the opportunity to save or print the chat?

12:29:10     From  Cheryl Fahlman : Mary, it is the FDA that would get the mask approved (it is considered a medical device)

12:29:22     From  cordell martin : Ok I came in late to the call so thank you for sharing that. 

12:29:28     From  Joan Green   to   All panelists : Lisa- I’m so impressed with your presentation!! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

12:29:36     From  Joe Sperling   to   All panelists : Steve

12:30:15     From  Silvia Balderas : Good afternoon, everyone! I’m Silvia Balderas, Professional Organizer working virtually. Your Life Simplified, LLC, (301) 442-5543, TellMeMore@ylsimplified.com, www.ylsimplified.com

12:30:22     From  Joe Sperling   to   All panelists : Steve: can you send out a copy of the chat to all attendees?

12:31:45     From  Mary Moeder : Cheryl, Thank you. I will pass this onto Joni. she us selling the now but just remember they have not been tested. I have one and it's great, nice and secure. 

12:31:56     From  Beverly Bugos PhD : Some of my international friends like WhatsApp

12:32:14     From  Sean Curry : iPhone seems to be the easiest to learn for older Americans who are visually impaired in our experience

12:32:24     From  Lynn Golub-Rofrano   to   All panelists : Yes, WhatsApp is very popular with overseas communications

12:32:44     From  Michael San Juan : Hello Everyone. I'm Michael San Juan , Regional Marketing Soecialist for Medapack Pharmacy.  Providing meds free of delivery of service and covered by majoritu of the Insurance companies. keeping clients safe and mitigating risk of exposure for both staff and client.  They can call us and will get a response as oppose to be on hold with a 1800 number. We offer the latest technology in medication management.  My contact info is 5714264050.., website: www.medspack.com

12:33:57     From  Michael San Juan : I d like to have Lisa as a speaker  for the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce...

12:34:00     From  Patricia Dubroof : My Mom started using her first computer/ipad when she was 80! She’s now 92 and uses both iPad and iPhone with expertise!!!

12:34:00     From  LISA MOTTESHEARD   to   All panelists : I’ve found google duo is a great easy way to video chat with both android and iPhone at same time.

12:34:57     From  Patricia Dubroof : And she was taught by her little sister, age 75!

12:36:27     From  Ellen Pincus   to   All panelists : Hi Ellen Pincus Cavalier Home Health 4.5 Star skilled agency according to CMS in Northern VA. 703-477-6252 epincus@cavalierhomehealth.com

12:37:48     From  Ben Slabaugh   to   All panelists : We utilize guide lights in our units to help with way finding at night. Helps our Memory Care residents. www.snappower.com/pages/guidelights

12:39:12     From  Jeanne Stanislawski   to   All panelists : thanks for calling on me - had my hand raised for iPhone question. :)

12:39:15     From  Silvia Balderas : Beware of using the Ring. It has security issues which allows hackers to hijack the device. As we know, seniors are always targets.

12:42:12     From  Bob Coulson : All tech can be hacked...so use the best security practices so it is not easy to be hacked.

12:42:33     From  Catherine McCallum : A big mood ring!

12:42:45     From  Mary Ellen Knecht   to   All panelists : COOL!

12:43:10     From  Ben Slabaugh   to   All panelists : Lisa, do you have a blog? You could create a large following by sharing updates on these as they come out.  My cardiologist just recommended Kardia to me as well.  Apple watch series 5 is more expensive but does the same thing and is always with you.

12:43:24     From  J. Keys   to   All panelists : Agreed a mood ring !!!

12:43:48     From  Mary Ellen Knecht : Cool!

12:44:16     From  Jennifer Abernethy   to   All panelists : www.bestlivingtech.com

12:44:57     From  Ellen Pincus : Hi Ellen Pincus with Cavalier Home Health 4.5 Star skilled agency in Northern Virginia 703-477-6252 epincus@cavalierhomehealth.com

12:45:03     From  Patricia Dubroof : It needs some bead embellishments!!

12:45:37     From  Catherine McCallum : Look similar to Grandpad.

12:46:51     From  Cheryl Beversdorf : AGING MATTERS radio programs are still being broadcast every Tuesday at 2:00 pm on WERA 96.7 FM in Arlington, VA. If outside the listening area, visit wera.fm and click LISTEN LIVE/DOWNLOAD THE STREAM. Check out www.mixcloud.com/AgingMatters/ for recent shows about aging issues related to COVID-19.

12:49:57     From  Eileen Caroscio   to   All panelists : What is the effectiveness stat on the core What is the effectiveness success stat on Muscle strengthener for longer urine retention?

12:50:54     From  Ananth Vootkur   to   All panelists : Great Webinar, so many thanks Steve and Lisa!

12:53:23     From  LISA MOTTESHEARD   to   All panelists : Great resources today! I can help anyone with hearing loss receive amplified phones and apps that captions and saves what caller says at no cost thru federal ADA benefit. Lisa Mottesheard, Central VA CaptionCall Manager 804)349-7567 Lmottesheard@CaptionCall.com

12:55:29     From  steve gurney   to   LISA MOTTESHEARD and all panelists : lisa repost your comment and use the drop down ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES

12:56:10     From  Jennifer Abernethy   to   All panelists : Info for LOOP: https://www.bestlivingtech.com/loop-stay-connected-to-those-you-love/

12:56:36     From  Olive Freeman   to   All panelists : From Olive.....Great point....

12:57:31     From  donna blackwell   to   All panelists : I work at a AAA, we don't all do in home care. The rural elderly we work have income of $7-800 a month. They do not have cable, cell phones and the other disposable income you spoke of. I'm offended

12:58:13     From  Jennifer Abernethy   to   All panelists : www.BestLivingTech.com

12:59:23     From  Ralph Sklarew   to   All panelists : https://www.bestlivingtech.com/loop-stay-connected-to-those-you-love/

13:01:35     From  Mary Ellen Knecht : I loved this presentation. I found you empathetic, authentic and knowledgeable. I'm a little overwhelmed about first steps, most relevant, senior friendly, etc. but will read your book. Thank you! 

13:01:50     From  steve gurney : https://montgomerycountymd.gov/obp/low-cost-internet.html

13:02:14     From  Jennifer Abernethy   to   All panelists : https://www.bestlivingtech.com/human-charger-valkee-light-therapy-device/

13:02:31     From  Mindy Mitchell : This has been awesome! Thanks so much!

13:02:38     From  Amy O'Donnell : Yes please, come back…such great, valuable information!

13:02:45     From  Barbara STOHLMAN : Thanks Much Enjoy your weekend

13:02:52     From  Mary Moeder : Great information today!

13:02:54     From  Audra Backaitis : Thanks, Steve and Lisa!

13:03:14     From  Eileen Caroscio   to   All panelists : Thanks —so worthwhile !

13:03:18     From  Deb Merriner : great presentation! thank you.

13:03:34     From  Pamela Silberman   to   All panelists : Excellent presentation!!

13:03:35     From  Jennifer Abernethy   to   All panelists : www.LisaMCini.com

13:04:02     From  Theresa Rinehart : Thank you both!

13:04:02     From  Queenie Kemmerer : Thank you Steve and Lisa.

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