Posted by Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook on 03/25/2015

Assisted Living in Mexico vs. USA

Bonnie Kassel, a Boston Globe corespondent shares her story of finding a home in Mexico for her mother. She writes that “The staff of five would cost the same as one person had in New York. And doctors, even specialists, made house calls.”

She shares “At home we’d resisted getting a wheelchair. We’d clung to the belief that with rehab, Mother would walk again. But in Mexico a wheelchair represented freedom to explore. We went for lunch at Hotel Camino Royale, the beautifully converted 1576 Santa Catalina convent with remnants of faded frescoes on the walls and a covered terrace restaurant. Cipriano drove us to the Sunday Tlacolula market, the largest indigenous market in all of Latin America, where it seemed everything, from the tangerine and rose-colored ice pops to the deep-yellow grilled corn, was sprinkled with sweet red chile powder. We bought armfuls of wildflowers for almost every room in the house and bags of dried jamaica flowers to boil into the tart cranberry-like juice we loved.”

Read her story in the Boston Globe

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