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People on the Move - Alzheimer's Family Day Center has a new name

We have a new name! Alzheimer’s Family Day Center will soon be…

Insight Memory Care Center

So why change our name?

This is not something we took lightly, or did overnight. It was an involved process, including strategic planning, interviews, focus groups, and a lot of planning and support. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this effort! We wanted a name that truly reflected everything we do as well as position us for long term growth and sustainability.

We are more than just Alzheimer’s.  
We pride ourselves in caring for individuals with a variety of memory impairments and helping families through each disease process.

We are more than just a day center. 
Yes, our adult day health center is award winning, and we are proud of the care we provide to the community, however, family caregiver support and education are equally vital components of our programming.

We will officially become Insight Memory Care Center at the beginning of 2014.  Until then spread the word and start getting used to saying Insight Memory Care Center!

Insight Memory Care Center

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