Posted by Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook on 03/25/2015

University Based Retirement Communities (UBRC) On the Rise

Wall Street Journal and NextAvenue report that “university-based retirement community,” or UBRC. The communities have been around for years, catering to the “Silent Generation.” Now, they’re making a play for boomers, the best-educated group in American history and a natural fit for a quasi-return to campus life.

That’s according to Andrew Carle, the executive-in-residence in the Senior Housing Administration Department at George Mason University, who coined the term “university-based retirement communities.”

Their number is expected to double

Carle says roughly 100 of these communities have established relationships with colleges, a number he expects to double within the next decade. About half the schools incorporate the older residents into their campuses; the other half provide a connection or affiliation.

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