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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 02/25/2023

2024 Positive Aging Sourcebook - Founder's Note

2024 Positive Aging Sourcebook - Founder's Note

The Path to Purpose    

As an avid cyclist, I can tell you that the best paths are windy and uneven—and exciting. The same holds true in our path through life. The journey is filled with twists, turns, and obstacles; it is never static. 

Especially as we navigate the complexities of changing health and shifts in personal circumstances, it becomes essential to reassess and reinvent ourselves to ensure that our path leads to purpose. Purpose may change, but it never expires.

During one-on-one chats with Positive Aging Community members and throughout our live community discussions, I am frequently talking about how to live with purpose. But it’s really not that hard. It might even be as easy as riding a bike. 

Recently, I was moderating an event on Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders. Several individuals who were living with Parkinson’s shared their personal stories. Since diagnosis, they have all joined a caring community of like-minded individuals. They are eating better, exercising more, and enjoying activities like dancing, rock climbing, and boxing that they would have never been brave enough to try before. They are seeking—and finding—purpose.

Similarly, our cover story this issue touches on residents who are finding purpose in their families—both biological and chosen. “An Extended Family” follows residents of Kensington Senior Living Communities as they navigate the challenges of aging with a little help from their community. 

Positive Aging Sourcebook and our live and interactive discussions often emphasize the importance of community and connection. Local organizations, support groups, and social networks play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. These connections not only provide emotional support, but they also open doors to new experiences and perspectives—to a new sense of purpose.

We invite you to join our Positive Aging Community. We are here to support you, your loved ones, and clients—as we all strive to stay on the path to purpose. 

Steve Gurney


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