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We believe that the right solutions and connections can help people live more purposeful lives—no matter their age or ability.   

Being part of a community of older adults, families/caregivers, and senior-serving professionals provides ample opportunities to MAKE CONNECTIONS.  Whether it be connecting with a like-minded individual going through the same challenges or connecting with a provider who can help with a solution the Positive Aging Community has several platforms to help you connect.


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Make Connections at our Live & Interactive Discussions

Learn about your choices by connecting with internationally recognized thought-leaders on a wide variety of aging related topics.  You can connect with other community members in the audience who are willing to share their resources and experiences.

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Connect with Positive Aging Champions

Our comprehensive database of Positive Aging Champions in the Housing, Aging in Place, and Resources categories can help you understand your choices and make connections with people who can help.

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Connect at Events!

In addition to the Positive Aging live & Interactive discussions, our calendar features dozens of live events, webinars and hybrid gatherings hosted by our Positive Aging Community Champions and other partners!  Whether you attend a event live or online, it gives you the opportunity to make connections with others, which can lead to identifying resources and solutions.

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Make a New Career Connection

Discover a wide variety of job and career options available at with our Positive Aging Champions and community partners.  Working with other adults and their loved ones has tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Connect with Positive Aging Authors

The Positive Aging Community has had the pleasure of featuring dozens of noted authors on a wide variety of topics in our live and interactive discussions.  You have the opportunity to review their on-demand recordings and podcast appearances below and access their websites, blogs and order their books!

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