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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 05/27/2022

Adult Day Care: Providing socialization and care

Adult Day Care: Providing socialization and care

Adult Day Centers are an important option for family caregivers, as they offer socialization, activities, and necessary supervision to those who are socially isolated or need care and assistance.

Caregivers can feel confident that their loved one is safe and well cared for while they are at work or performing other necessary tasks. Centers offer a variety of programs and amenities, including exercise programs and a diverse schedule of engaging activities.

Assistance with the activities of daily living, including eating, walking, toileting and medication management may also be available. Additionally, many centers offer physical, speech and occupational therapies to their participants. All licensed centers provide nutritious meals and snacks on a daily basis.

Choosing a Provider

After locating nearby providers, call them to request flyers, brochures, calendars and application information.

While reviewing this information, pay careful attention to how many years the provider has been in business and their licensures and certifications. Be sure to understand the staff credentials, staff-to-participant ratio, and the medical conditions the facility and its staff are equipped to handle. Inquire about the availability of transportation to and from the program if it is necessary. The types of activities offered and the menu variety should be considered as well. Specific costs and any financial assistance that is available should be clearly outlined in the information packet.

Reviewing printed materials and asking questions over the phone can help narrow the choices, but the final decision of which Adult Day Center to use must be made in person. During the visit, staff members should be able to provide clear and easy-to-understand information about the services and activities provided at the center. Checking references from individuals who are currently using this provider or have used them in the past is the final step in the decision-making process.

Source www.nadsa.org.

Choosing an Adult Day Center

Use this checklist to review options

  •     How many years has the center been in operation?
  •     Is the center licensed, certified or accredited?
  •     What are the days and hours of operation?
  •     If needed, is assistance provided with eating, toileting and dispensing medication?
  •     What types of activities are provided?
  •     Do participants help plan activities?
  •     Are meals or snacks provided?
  •     Can special dietary needs be accommodated?
  •     Do participants have individual service plans? How often are they updated?
  •     What is the staff-to-participant ratio?
  •     What type of training do staff members receive?
  •     Are fees charged hourly, daily or monthly? What will the total fee be for services?
  •     How are payments accepted?
  •     Is a deposit required?
  •     Is financial assistance available?
  •     Are special care options available for participants with certain conditions, such as memory loss?
  •     Are transportation services available? What is the additional fee?
  •     Is physical or occupational therapy available on site? Is there an additional fee?
  •     Is the facility easily accessible?
  •     Is the facility clean and pleasant?
  •     Do staff members and participants seem to interact frequently?
  •     Are staff members welcoming and engaging?
  •     Do participants appear happy and engaged?

Source www.nadsa.org.

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