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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/13/2016

See the World, Live at Pine Run

See the World, Live at Pine Run

Like many Americans Lois Wilson and Irv Thompson had busy, lifelong careers without the time to travel as much as they would have liked. As it turned out, the couple - who met at Pine Run - shared a bucket-list destination: the Parthenon.

The idea grew from eight months of conversation around the table for eight in the Pine Run Café. “It’s like a large family table,” explains Irv who was a newcomer to Pine Run at the time. “I’m comfortable at the informal daily dinners. We talk about everything.” Bucket list destinations came up one night and simultaneously they both said “Athens to see the Parthenon,” relates Lois. “So we decided to go.”

They got their Parthenon experience and traveled on to Delphi and the Temple of Poseidon. Lois kept a visual record of the adventure in her sketch book. The spiral cane that Irv created from wisteria in the Pine Run Craft Barn drew much attention from Greek shopkeepers and passersby. “Woodworkers are all over the world,” says Irv, “But, they don’t have vines like what I find in Bucks County.”

In addition to enjoying the companionable dinners, Irv also made friends in the Craft Barn woodworking shop. Longtime villager Jack Venner, welcomed Irv right into the woodworking culture at Pine Run. “I enjoy helping people with projects,” says Irv, “and making items to sell at the Pine Run fair. A lot is just for fun, like the Gnome in the Hub and Tiki Head mascot in the Fitness Center.”

Irv has also constructed wooden cell phone amplifiers and a custom frame for Lois’ original art. They collaborate
on sculptural constructions and mosaic inlay panels. Some of the unique wood he uses, like pagoda, apple and cedar, comes from storm-damaged trees that inhabit Pine Run gardens.

Where is this dynamic couple heading off to next? “Cleveland,” says Irv.

“To the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” laughs Lois.

By: Mary Clark

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