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Posted 03/30/2021

Dementia Interpreters Program Launched in the United States

Dementia Interpreters Program Launched in the United States

Second Wind Dreams® is proud to join UK partner, Training2Care Group, as they launch the Dementia Interpreters™ program created by Glenn Knight. Beginning April 1, 2021 this innovative training program will be available to professional caregivers in the United States exclusively by Second Wind Dreams.

Dementia Interpreters trains elder care professionals in supportive and positive communication strategies and methods that are essential to ensure empathic person-centered dementia care. The first step in the program is an interactive half day of training. Upon completion, participants will leave with a range of new skills, techniques, and tools that can change the life and experience of someone living with dementia. This training session is just the beginning of becoming a fully certified Dementia Interpreter where participants will be able to transform how people living with dementia are supported around the world.

In addition, the course will allow participants access to an online collaboration of professionals and individuals in the memory and aging network. Dementia Interpreters is a training program designed to assist professional caregivers, such as long-term care staff with developing primary tools that can be used to overcome communication barriers in dementia care. Second Wind Dreams CEO, Gwenyth Johnson, is particularly excited for the program saying, “Glenn Knight, Managing Director of Training2Care Group, has been a long-time partner and advocate for the Virtual Dementia Tour®. It is a pleasure to launch a program of his creation that parallels our programs so perfectly. Through the Dementia Interpreters, Second Wind Dreams will be able to further our mission. This will allow us to serve even more individuals living with dementia and those who care for them.”

Managing Director of Training2Care Group and creator of Dementia Interpreters, Glenn Knight, is enthused about the possibilities of the program saying, “Imagine what it must be like to live a life where no one speaks your language and you can’t understand theirs, how would you feel? Well, this is the reality for people who have dementia, and this is why we are so driven to create new ways to bridge that gap between those who have the disease and the people who support them.”

Registration is open! Dementia Interpreters is designed for a minimum of three and up to nine participants. The training will be done virtually due to COVID-19 precautions. Register for Dementia Interpreters here: https://www.secondwind.org/dementia-interpreters.html

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