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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 12/03/2020

Adaptive Fashion with Alexandra Herold Founder of Patti + Ricky

Shopping does not typically include or embrace differences and individuals with disabilities. Patti + Ricky changes this with an inclusive shopping experience for all.

Just in time for your holiday shopping, join us for a discussion with the pioneering founder the Adaptive Fashion Marketplace, Patti + Ricky.

Alexandra Herold, founder and CEO of Patti + Ricky brought Patti Connell and Ricky Warga-Arias’s vision — created through their inclusive lens — to life by designing an online department store where every product is carefully curated with Connell and Warga-Arias’s approval in mind.

The story of the Patti + Ricky’s online marketplace begins with Herold’s relationships with these two individuals and how they have always opened her up to seeing disabilities differently. Herold’s mother, Connell — who lived with brain cancer up until Herold was 19 — became weak, causing her to carry a cane when she walked. Meanwhile, Warga-Arias, Herold’s cousin, was in a wheelchair. Her own challenges going through life and school with dyslexia and ADHD, and her close familial relationships allowed Herold to view disabilities in a new light, eager to create a space where everyone feels welcome. As a result, the purpose of the online marketplace and platform is to continue to serve Connell and Warga-Arias’s mission to spread the love, understanding and acceptance that the two continuously passed on throughout their lifetimes. 

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