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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 04/17/2024

Bringing the World to You: Innovative Platform Makes Travel Accessible

Join us for a live and interactive discussion with the founder of Wowzitude, which allows everyone to experience guided travel of over 100 global destinations right from their living room. We'll explore how this award-winning platform is making travel more accessible through live-streaming tourism.

TRY WOWZITUDE FOR FREE... EXPERIENCE LIVE, VIRTUAL TOURS! https://wowzitude.com/free-trials#

Chat Transcript

12:07:06     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : https://wowzitude.com/

12:08:18     From purushottam sharma  to  Hosts and panelists : wowzitude, a great name. congrats. Yes, website seems under maintenance!

12:11:33     From Rebecca Finegan : This is amazing.  I work with many communities and would like to introduce this to them.  However, not sure I can do this in a 2 week risk free trial time.

12:12:34     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Susan Black email sblack@wowzitude.com

12:13:04     From Rebecca Finegan : Thank you

12:15:25     From Tom DeMuth : What a great idea Susan. How long are the tours?

12:19:58     From Sherry Martin  to  Hosts and panelists : This sounds great.  The link isn't working for me though. I'm getting a page not found error.

12:20:51     From Sue Christopher : I joined this session late. Can you "travel" to the places you want to or are they pre-set?

12:20:53     From Sherry Martin  to  Hosts and panelists : sound good. Thank you.

12:22:53     From Valerie Mawdsley : Have you discussed the cost after the free trial?

12:30:36     From Rebecca Finegan : You indicated you never go to a place twice.  Does that mean if you did Big Ben in London, we'll not have that opportunity again?

12:32:48     From Mary Chilcutt : Do you have your subscribe for a certain amount of time or per month?

12:34:36     From Rebecca Finegan : I love this!

12:36:54     From Valerie Mawdsley : How do you handle tours in countries with very different time zones - like Australia?  Night and day?

12:37:36     From Joe Sperling : Does AARP membership entitle one to free subscription?

12:40:15     From Sue Christopher : I had no idea this travel experience was available.  Thank you for bringing this topic to us.  I'm a single person and somewhat leery about traveling alone so this is a great way to safely experience different countries without having to pack, experience airport hassles and find a decent hotel.

12:40:53     From Tom DeMuth : I'm on the board of a Village in DC and this would be great for our members. Is there a group size that works best?

12:45:32     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Susan Black email sblack@wowzitude.com

12:45:51     From Sue Christopher : Is there a Zoom link that is sent to members each week or do member have their own unique log-on credentials to participate?

12:46:23     From Laura Heinrich : As a village member I would love this

12:47:44     From deb merriner : Do you make recommendations for those who have mobility issues, maybe a bonus episode on how to more easily navigate those in-person walking tours with cobbled streets, lots of stairs, etc..

12:51:03     From Laura Heinrich : More appealing than virtual reality

12:51:15     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : https://wowzitude.com/

12:51:38     From ravi bala : Is an individual subscription still $99/mo?

12:52:41     From Valerie Mawdsley : Personally I think there would be value to archive the tours so people can go back and see them.  How often do we watch Netflix streaming live?  Not nearly as much as going through the archives.  Maybe it could be a different price structure.

12:54:07     From Rebecca Finegan : stay unique like that!

12:59:02     From Valerie Mawdsley : Thank you!

12:59:10     From deb merriner : This was great!  Thanks!

12:59:12     From Joe Sperling : I think this qualifies as WAY COOL!

12:59:28     From Clareen Heikal : Thank you.  This is amazing.  I cannot travel much anymore; cannot keep up!

13:00:43     From Sherry Martin  to  Hosts and panelists : This looks amazing. I can't wait to try it out and to show it to my mom. Thank you!

13:01:00     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : https://wowzitude.com/

13:01:07     From Jenny Morris : Thank you!

13:01:27     From Rebecca Finegan : agree

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