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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 03/18/2022

Discussion on Early-Stage Alzheimer's Challenges & Solutions + Memory Care Resource Fair

An interactive discussion with Lindsey Vajpeyi Early-Stage Program Director at Insight Memory Care Center. This discussion that will dive into the changes that occur in early-stage dementia, the importance of socialization and brain fitness, and resources for families facing these cognitive changes. 

Questions Answered:

  • "How do I monitor my own behavior,  what signs do need to be aware of?  Next steps if I am concerned
  • in the Baltimore area I would like to know about resources in my area 
  • "What is the one thing you wish care partners or those living with Alzheimer's with a recent diagnosis in the early stage would know or ask?
  • Do you  support hoarders who have MCI?
  • How do you talk about dementia without calling it that?
  • What are free or low cost resources for family caregivers if their mom with dementia doesn't have insurance?
  • If you get tested for cognitive decline can this information be prejudicial if you later apply to a CCRC?
  • Can you recommend any virtual programs for  those with MCI (other than Insight's Reconnections Program)?
  • "How does one find out a healthcare provider that specializes in dementia that can take care of both medical and mental health issues? Is there a website or resource for caregivers?

Featured Positive Aging Champions in the Memory Care Resource Fair

  • Insight Memory Care  Lindsey Vajpeyi lindsey.vajpeyi@insightmcc.org Anita Irvin Anita.Irvin@insightmcc.org
  • CounterPoint and BCAT  Heather English <henglish@counterpointhealthservices.com> 
  • Friends Club Ken Silverstein kensilverstein1@gmail.com
  • The Providence Karen Carter  klcarter@watermarkcommunities.com
  • Arbor Terrace Rachel Moore Arbo rachel.moore@arborcompany.com
  • Tall Oaks Leslye Lawson llawson@talloaksal.com  George Winters gwinters@talloaksal.com
  • Charles E. Smith Life Communities Angelique Jackson ajackson@ceslc.org
  • Ingleside Kiersten Parsons, RDN" kparsons@inglesideonline.org
  • The Virginian Travis Major tmajor@thevirginian.org
  • Silverado Ellen Pincus Ellen.Pincus@silverado.com 
  • Potomac Place Virginia Hendrix vhendrix@potomacplace.com
  • Arbor Terrace  Rachel Moore <Rachel.Moore@arborcompany.com> 
  • Great Falls Assisted Living  Michelle Mindock <mmindock@greatfallsassistedliving.com> 
  • Rembrandt Assisted Living  Jenna Peel <jenna@rembrandtassistedliving.com> 
  • Inspirations Memory Care  Kacey Troyer <ktroyer@inspired-joy.com> 
  • Retirement Unlimited Amanda Holbrook <Amanda.Waggy@rui.net>,

Chat Transcript

2022-03-18 11:59:56 AM Steve Gurney : Hi everyone welcome! Double click on any table and don't forget to turn on your camera and mic to chat with others, the discussion will begin right around 12:10 to let everyone get settled!

2022-03-18 12:03:36 PM Steve Gurney : Hi everyone welcome! Double click on any table and don't forget to turn on your camera and mic to chat with others, the discussion will begin right around 12:10 to let everyone get settled!

2022-03-18 12:05:32 PM Gail Hubberman : Am I suppose to be hearing a discussion on Ukraine?

2022-03-18 12:10:20 PM Ben : like the new format a lot

2022-03-18 12:10:42 PM Kacey Troyer : format is pretty sweet so far.

2022-03-18 12:10:43 PM Robin McGlothin : This is great, thank you Steve for putting this event together! 

2022-03-18 12:10:57 PM Ellen Pincus : This flatform is amazing!!!

2022-03-18 12:11:12 PM Nancy Garcia : This is awesome and so Happy to be here! 

2022-03-18 12:11:22 PM Casandra Key : This platform is new to me and I like it so far!

2022-03-18 12:12:21 PM Ellen Pincus : Thank you Steve for organizing!! This platform is amazing!!!

2022-03-18 12:13:05 PM Patricia Dubroof : The ultimate GREEN conference style.

2022-03-18 12:13:45 PM Ken Silverstein : Hi Everyone, Ken Silverstein, Friends Club, stop by my table after today's presentation.  Contact info:  ken@friendsclubbethesda.org, 301-469-0070

2022-03-18 12:13:52 PM Heather English : I love this platform! 

2022-03-18 12:14:08 PM Betty Bahadori : did others have camera and mic fail?

2022-03-18 12:14:42 PM Alban MAINO : What a FANTASTIC platfrom! Alban MEMORY LANE TV 

2022-03-18 12:15:01 PM JESSICA SILVA : This is awesome. I love this platform. 

2022-03-18 12:15:03 PM Braidwood Costello DNP : My security system won't allow this app but I'll work on it another time.

2022-03-18 12:15:08 PM Paula Muller : Hi Everyone, Glad to be here!

2022-03-18 12:16:09 PM Abiola Bajere -DHS- Prince Georges County : Good afternoon everyone.  Abbey here, from  Department of Social Services.  

2022-03-18 12:16:31 PM Ashleigh at Lansdowne : Brady Marsten - Ashleigh at Lansdowne Brady.Marsten@rui.net (703)489-8804.

2022-03-18 12:16:50 PM Gail Hubberman : Hello All, Gail Hubberman Senior Care Division at MarketPro HomeBuyers              301-337-4703 ghubberman@marketprohomes.com. Excited to be participating today.

2022-03-18 12:17:51 PM Sierra Adams : Sierra Adams - The Wellington at Lake Manassas Independent/Assisted Living and Memory Care | Sierra.Adams@rui.net 703-468-2750 

2022-03-18 12:18:21 PM Nancy Garcia : Nancy Garcia Memory Care Advisor  Arden Courts of Annandale Memory Care is All We Do!  Nancy.Garcia@promedica.org  703-256-0882 Let's Connect!

2022-03-18 12:19:03 PM Heather English : HI Everyone! I would love to meet you at our table for CounterPoint and the BCAT. We specialize and are passionate about the aging population. We offer many different programs and clinicians to those that are aging along with testing for dmentia. Feel free to email or call anytime. 443-545-9217 

2022-03-18 12:19:26 PM JESSICA SILVA : Jessica Silva - Vitality Living Arlington Assisted Living/Memory Care 571-389-2415 jsilva@myvitalityliving.com

2022-03-18 12:19:56 PM Travis Major : Travis Major from The Virginian.

Please join us at our table today!


Please call us at 703-385-0555 to schedule a visit or email me directly at tmajor@thevirginian.org

2022-03-18 12:20:21 PM Rene Willems : Hi All, Rene here from Rembrandt Assisted Living in Falls Church, 917-386-5105

2022-03-18 12:21:27 PM Heather English : [File] https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/remo-conference.appspot.com/o/Event/ChatMedia/pd2aj9lptxk/CP Family Matters Flier Spring 2022.pdf?alt=media&token=b7b3fb2c-afec-40e3-bccc-e23d053bbf3c

2022-03-18 12:22:14 PM Patricia Dubroof : Patricia Dubroof, Artist and Director of Community Relations for Assisting Hands Home Care. I help families everyday figure out how to care for a loved one and make time for creativity!!! It's an honor to serve these families. What an amazing community we have. Call me if you have questions about these pieces of your puzzle. 301-363-2587 pdubroof@assistinghands.com

2022-03-18 12:22:44 PM Heather English : Great resource attached - CounterPoint Family Matters Series - Free  for families to attend. Live talks and YouTube channel info. 

2022-03-18 12:22:48 PM Michelle Mindock : Good Afternoon Everyone - please take a moment to stop by the Great Falls Assisted Living Table and let me be able to have a chance to meet you or schedule a time to meet me outside of this - mmindock@greatfallsassistedliving.com - 703-716-3538

2022-03-18 12:23:51 PM Amy Teets : Virginia Hendrix from Potomac Place Assisted Living and Memory Care, located in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Please visit our table after the presentation or contact our friendly team at 703-494-3817 to set up your virtual or in person tour. 

2022-03-18 12:25:45 PM Jan Buchanan : FAirfax county has needs based support as well

2022-03-18 12:25:47 PM Michelle Mindock : RAFT - is a good resource 

2022-03-18 12:27:03 PM Alban MAINO : Here is one as well: www.MEMORY-LANE.TV with a great care partner channel for ecducation and adapted programing. 

2022-03-18 12:27:05 PM Thomas J McDonald : Insight is an excellent source foe consultations, education and support groups

2022-03-18 12:28:37 PM Ellen Pincus : Good afternoon Ellen Pincus Community Ambassador with SIlverado Memory Care Assisted Living in Alexandria, VA. ellen.pincus@silverado.com cell 571-775-9408 Please join me at my table and I am happy to answer any questions and schedule a tour.

2022-03-18 12:29:37 PM Heather English : free screening tool for MCI or dementia www.enrichvisits.com 

2022-03-18 12:30:06 PM Travis Major : The Fairfax Adult Day Health Care program is great and definitely accessible to lower income individuals and families:



2022-03-18 12:33:19 PM Robin McGlothin : Here are some links Lindsey has shared: https://eldercare.acl.gov/Public/Index.aspx

2022-03-18 12:33:26 PM Ben : https://www.baltimorecountymd.gov/departments/aging/programsandservices/dementia-friendly/

2022-03-18 12:33:54 PM ashok kapur : Ashok Kapur, CEO

Hawkeye Medical,LLC


Your one-stop store for all your medical equipment and supply needs

Hawkeye MedTech, Inc


Let us connect your loved ones virtually with their own healthcare providers. No cost to use TotalCare telehealth platform.

email to get a demo now or download to android or iphone yourself. "TotalCare patient"

2022-03-18 12:34:02 PM Kathleen D Aubert : What is the daily rate at Insight? Is transportation provided?

2022-03-18 12:37:10 PM Kiersten L. Parsons, MS, RDN, CDP : I can answer this question for Ingleside - we have a voluntary health assessment for Independent Living that a depositor may choose to participate in.  We will make recommendations for the safest level of care. 

2022-03-18 12:41:02 PM Kacey Troyer : We serve families and their loved one living with Dementia in our 3 communities, Timonium, Linthicum and Westminster MD. We use baby goats, Alpacas, Chickens, VR, Music, Outdoor Gardening, Drum Circles, Improv., One on One Engagement, bus trips, boat rides, FT Corp. Chef and RN Director of Education. All of our Leaders are Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP).  Come visit our Table. Joy, Purpose and Laughter is what we deliver to residents, To Families: Trust, Peace of Mind, Freedom from any guilt.

2022-03-18 12:41:10 PM Lindsey Vajpeyi : insightmcc.org/checklist

2022-03-18 12:42:56 PM Heather English : MedStar has a great program in Olney - Center for Aging

2022-03-18 12:44:40 PM Delores Athey-Clearfield : Providing private duty home care and private duty nursing through VA, MD, DC AND DE.  

Delores Athey-Clearfield

Director of Strategic Partnerships/Continuum of Care, Capital City Nurses

c: 703-407-0082 | p: 703-539-6029 | f: 301.652.4757 



2022-03-18 12:46:19 PM Thomas J McDonald : Socialization and exercise is great for MCI and that's what Reconnections does

2022-03-18 12:49:00 PM Mary Williams : Mary Williams, Senior Real Estate Specialist Realtor with Samson Properties.  www.MaryWilliamsNOVA.com  

2022-03-18 12:49:51 PM Lindsey Vajpeyi : Join our Sterling Early Stage Center Ribbon Cutting on March 31! insightmcc.org

2022-03-18 12:52:11 PM Lindsey Vajpeyi : If you want to get in touch with me, email me at lindsey.vajpeyi@insightmcc.org or call Insight Memory Care Center at 703-204-4664

2022-03-18 12:52:16 PM Robin McGlothin : Join Insight on October 13 in person at our 11th annual Paintings & Pairings fundraising dinner www.Insightmcc.org/paintings. 

2022-03-18 12:52:23 PM Patricia Dubroof : Thanks so much!

2022-03-18 12:52:29 PM Heather English : Great presentation! Thank you both. 

2022-03-18 12:52:32 PM Jane Hughes : Thank you, Steve!

2022-03-18 1:10:30 PM Donna Hosek : Excellent as always!  Thanks Steve and Lindsey!

2022-03-18 1:26:02 PM Alban MAINO : Thank you everyone for a great event. Alban www.memory-lane.tv 

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