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Posted by Positive Aging SourceBook on 10/02/2020

Family/Employee Caregiver Crisis with Larry Nisenson

A new Centers for Disease Control study reveals that Baby Boomer caregivers more often have chronic health conditions and frequent mental distress than non-caregivers - a situation that further intensifies the already escalated Family Caregiver Crisis as America continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic and the economic, healthcare and personal challenges it has created. With nearly one-quarter of Baby Boomers serving as caregivers, now more than ever, all of our 42 million family caregivers are struggling to cope with the emotional, physical and financial challenges posed by caring for aging loved ones, especially among the 6 in 10 caregivers who also work, creating a new “Employee Caregiving Crisis.”

A conversation with Larry Nisenson, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer for Genworth U.S. Life Insurance Segment, including CareScout® Caregiver Support Services, an innovative program designed to provide expert guidance and personal support for those struggling to find the right help for their loved one. 

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Chat Transcript

12:06:30     From  Beverly Jacoby : Hello from Beverly Jacoby, Comfort Keepers in Manassas, VA  beverlyjacoby@comfortkeepers.com

12:07:22     From  Josanne Sealy : Happy Friyaaaay!!! Josanne Sealy PGCDSS

12:08:03     From  Alexandra Johnson : Happy Friday, Alexandra Johnson, Old Dominion Home Care, family owned, specialize in Parkinson's and Dementia care, NoVa area

12:10:07     From  Leah Covert   to   All panelists : Hello! Leah Covert, Program Director at Friends Club in Bethesda, MD.

12:10:43     From  Gail Hubberman : Hi All, Gail Hubberman with MarketPro Homebuyer. We purchase homes as is for cash helping senior transition easily and hassle free into their next phase of life. www.Marketprohomebuyers.com I can be reached at Ghubberman@Marketprohomes.com or at 301-337-4703

12:10:45     From  AnnMarie Riehl : Greetings and happy Friday, Ann Marie Riehl, Caregivers Program Manager, Baltimore County Department of Aging 410-887-4724, caregivers@baltimorecountymd.gov Providing education, support groups and resources and consults for family caregivers/kinship caregivers

12:10:50     From  Barbara Sullivan   to   All panelists : Good afternoon everyone.  Barbara Sullivan, Executive Director Village to Village Network, vtv@vtvnetwork.org.  Great article in US News on aging in place :  https://health.usnews.com/wellness/aging-well/articles/solo-old-age-how-to-prepare?fbclid=IwAR3KarGWN9o70bLvBBQnLoTzGJvmixmCIg0P2qAGyaOWxUP0749Z2747QTQ

12:11:54     From  Patricia Dubroof : I”m looking for introductions to faith based groups who would like to give their families Making Memories Together Games. FREE!!! They are great for fighting isolation and improving family story sharing.

12:12:11     From  Patricia Dubroof : email me for a FREE game pdubroof@assistinghands.com

12:12:17     From  Crystal Heard : Hey Anne Marie do you provide subsidies for seniors for congregate housing services?

12:13:22     From  Ellen D Tillman : Ellen D. Tillman, CLU, ChFC, MBA, Financial Advisor and CEO at Ellen Tillman & Company.  Planning for Income, Insurance, Legacy, Retirement as well as Employee Benefits.  www.ellentillman.com, 301 660 2468  Look forward to helping you.

12:13:37     From  steve gurney : https://www.genworth.com/aging-and-you/finances/cost-of-care.html

12:15:27     From  Patricia Dubroof : So many of our clients are using their Genworth LTC for home care support. It’s great for those who have it!

12:16:56     From  Mary Arung : Hello everyone. good afternoon and happy Friday to everybody.  Mary, owner of Z & E Home Away from Home assisted Living services LLC. at 9831 Good Lock Rd, suit 312 Lanham MD 20706.  email zehomeaway@gmail.com  Phone number 2405211205.

12:20:13     From  steve gurney : https://www.genworth.com/about-us/covid-19/consumer-survey.html

12:20:38     From  Rochelle Hamilton   to   All panelists : Happy Friday all.  Hope all is well today and everyday! Rochelle Hamilton, Clinical Liaison for PsychoGeriatric Services.  We specialize in mental health in SNFs, ALs, ILs and the community.  PGS Telepsych Solutions for outpatients on a telehealth platform (301-593-1315 for appointments).  I can be reached @ 301-922-5769 or email:  pgsliaison@pgs-nhcare.com

12:23:25     From  AnnMarie Riehl : Crystal Heard, that is a different program, the MAP office can direct you 410-887-2594

12:23:39     From  Crystal Heard : ok thank you

12:25:13     From  Ellen D Tillman   to   steve gurney(Privately) : In addition to people bringing family members home, there are also people in facilities on lock down and family members can no longer visit in person with them (starting to open up now).   My mom has Alzheimer's and is in memory care in FL.  I don't have day to day responsibilities but emotional responsibilities for my dad as well.  

12:25:40     From  Catherine Fetterman : Good afternoon, it’s good to be together!  I’m Catherine Fetterman, founder of Art Together based in Leesburg, specializing in creative enrichment programs for older adults and those who love, live and serve them. www.art-together.com

12:26:12     From  Spencer Garrett   to   All panelists : Hello everyone! Spencer Garrett, CMAG Health Solutions. We use technology to help people live longer and more safely in their home and to inform caregivers when critical events occur in the home. Our number is 410-517-2624, or email us at Spencer@cmaghealth.com

12:26:38     From  Spencer Garrett : Hello everyone! Spencer Garrett, CMAG Health Solutions. We use technology to help people live longer and more safely in their home and to inform caregivers when critical events occur in the home. Our number is 410-517-2624, or email us at Spencer@cmaghealth.com

12:27:37     From  Barbara Sullivan   to   All panelists : Larry, would like to have your email contact.  The cost of care would be very helpful for my villages.  Would love to host you on one of our webinars.  Barbara Sullivan, ED, Village to Village Network.  I'm in NJ  too!

12:27:53     From  Barbara Sullivan   to   All panelists : vtv@vtvnetwork.org

12:27:58     From  Meryl Schaffer   to   Abby Sternberg and all panelists : Good afternoon Abby:):):)

12:30:00     From  steve gurney : Meet our October Sponsor Women Leaders in Elder World https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/cu/b7yHsnP/wlec

12:31:11     From  Amy O'Donnell : Happy Friday,  Amy O’Donnell, Magic Maker Solutions, Home of the Ultimate Fresh Start & Wishes Granted, helping everyone be happier at  home/work through  

organizing & productivity consulting,  rightsizing/moving/project coordination, & lifestyle management.  Complimentary 15-minute phone chats, virtual/DIY & safe on-site sessions DMV and beyond, info@magicmakersolutions.com, 301.291.5767

12:32:15     From  steve gurney : https://www.carescout.com/

12:32:42     From  steve gurney : https://www.carescout.com/provider-programs.html

12:35:09     From  Queenie Kemmerer : Hello everyone !! Queenie Kemmerer, Owner/Founder of Home Marketing Services for Seniors www.hmss-usa.com 703-476-2260  Queenie@hmss-usa.com

12:37:08     From  LouidD Tenenbaum   to   All panelists : Sorry. I missed the answer cuz  took a call from a client.

12:41:40     From  Meryl Schaffer : What a program:):):)

12:41:41     From  Mary Arung : Mary Arung

12:42:28     From  Mary Arung : Mary Arung.  Very good idea.  

12:43:25     From  Ellen D Tillman : This sounds like a great program, so many folks can benefit from this.  

12:44:54     From  Beverly Bugos PhD : We tried to take the keys from a 95 yr old man.  We tried intervention with his minister and friends.  Spoke to the police.  But got nowhere.  Without power of attorney we could do nothing.  This was 15 yr ago.

12:45:30     From  steve gurney : https://www.genworth.com/aging-and-you/health.html

12:46:53     From  Amy O'Donnell : The simulators…sure would help you be able to pinpoint possible solutions…what a reality check!

12:49:00     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills : Join the next Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care training class, November 7th and 8th.  This class will qualify you for credentialing through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.  Click here to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/alzheimers-disease-and-dementia-care-training-towards-cdp-tickets-123724620671

12:49:55     From  Alexandra Johnson : Larry Nisenson, love that you have an empathy lab for Parkinson's; I facilitate two Parkinson's support groups.

12:50:18     From  K.C. Ryerson : Hi Pamela,  I just received my CADDCT we should network....

12:50:34     From  Christine Meyers : This has been great information...very thankful to be included.

12:52:22     From  Beverly Bugos PhD : What can low income people on Medicare access of all your wonderful products??

12:53:35     From  Rochelle Hamilton   to   All panelists : Yes, I agree this has been very informative.  A wonderful topic that is not spoken about and it is great to have resources out there for the many caregivers that needs assistance.  Happy  Mr. Nisenson spoke on LTC insurance NOW not later also.

12:53:55     From  Pamela Silberman-Mills   to   K.C. Ryerson and all panelists : Hi K.C.  Sure.. happy to chat.  Let's connect.  My email is enrichingconnections1@gmail.com

12:54:13     From  steve gurney : Larry Nisenson (Larry.Nisenson@genworth.com)

12:55:35     From  steve gurney : https://www.genworth.com/aging-and-you/finances/cost-of-care/cost-of-care-trends-and-insights.html

12:57:53     From  Meryl Schaffer : Many thanks for a GREAT presentation.

12:58:02     From  Alice Whitfield : Thank you! 

12:58:03     From  Adrienne Robinson : Thanks so much.

12:58:08     From  K.C. Ryerson : Wonderful Presentation!

12:58:08     From  Cynthia Ward    to   All panelists : thank you larry, absolutely wonderful information shared.

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