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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 08/25/2023

Innovative Healthy Home Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh

A live and interactive discussion with the team from the Pitt Healthy Home Laboratory! A community laboratory that brings the best science into home settings to maximize health and safety. Through design, development, and evaluation of new and existing technologies, advancing healthy home services and interventions, and creating comprehensive health and environmental assessments to help people live safely and independently at home. 

Featured panel members

  • Ally LaCovey (ACL44@pitt.edu)
  • Jonathan Pearlman (jpearlman@pitt.edu)
  • Pamela Toto (pet3@pitt.edu)
  • Portia Erin Singh (PES118@pitt.edu)

Website: https://healthyhomelaboratory.pitt.edu/

 Chat Transcript

12:06:28     From  Elva Roy : I got to meet Bill when he came to Dallas and I ended up working for him for one year.

12:08:34     From  Ravi Bala : Wow, amazing work history Portia!

12:11:00     From  Ravi Bala : Great seeing you here Jon. We had spoken in connection with the Inglis AT pitching competiton

12:11:07     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : The Pitt Healthy Home Laboratory is a community laboratory that brings the best science into home settings to maximize health and safety. We do this through the design, development, and evaluation of new and existing technologies, advancing healthy home services and interventions, and creating comprehensive health and environmental assessments to help people live safely and independently at home. https://healthyhomelaboratory.pitt.edu/

12:11:24     From  Louis Tenenbaum : hi

12:11:30     From  Portia Singh   to   Ravi Bala and all panelists : Thank you Ravi!

12:12:44     From  Melissa Rae   to   Hosts and panelists : Yay OT!

12:13:02     From  Elva Roy : Hi Louis.

12:14:36     From  Louise Brown Brown : Good afternoon all.

12:14:44     From  Ravi Bala : Pam, CAPABLE that has OTs at its center is an amazing program; I am sure you are all over it.

12:15:11     From  Louis Tenenbaum : Great to see these folks on your show Steve. I visited the lab a few months ago. I am very impressed with their action and approach

12:16:24     From  Ravi Bala : For folks who don't know, Louis Tenenbaum, is working on a legislative solution to help pay for these solutions being discussed.

12:30:13     From  Puru Sharma : Jon and Pam - Thank you for highlighting significant barrier in aging care. Would love to know more about assessment apps

12:33:28     From  Robyn Hall : Will there be funding to bring this prototype and or modifications to elderly homeowners households across the county that would like to redesign their homes to be a HHL?

12:33:57     From  Courtney Nalty : Is the assessment tool/app available to others in the aging profession to utilize?

12:34:03     From  Robyn Hall : Sorry, country.

12:34:21     From  Ana Claudia Lopes : Jon and Pan thank you for opportunity to participate of this discussion. I´m from Brazil!

12:35:09     From  Robyn Hall : You all are doing AMAZING work. This is exciting@

12:36:56     From  Karen Latimer : Assistive Tech Specialists (ATP's) and aging in place specialists can also be utilized to do these types of evaluations!

12:38:07     From  Louis Tenenbaum : Porta, are you looking at messaging or FUNDING to move environmental modifications upstream as prevention to reduce injuries, health costs and improve dignity, joy and respect for choice in the aging experience

12:38:08     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Home for Life Design® is an industry leading, web-based, home safety assessment platform for professionals serving the world's aging adult & disabled populations. https://www.homeforlifedesign.com/

12:38:31     From  John M Hinkle   to   Hosts and panelists : I have been renovating a home to become a handicapped-friendly (almost totally ADA) on the main floor, 3-generation family rental home. Almost a full-time job to design, then work closely with contractors who have done little ADA work. I am learning SO MUCH by actually doing such a project! Wow! John Hinkle Financial Services

12:38:58     From  judyq tiger : I'd like to see the assisted stair walking.

12:41:04     From  Elva Roy : I just Googled Assistive Tech Specialists and saw that there is a certification for this...requirements...etc.

12:41:43     From  Ravi Bala : https://www.resna.org/Certification/Assistive-Technology-Professional-ATP

12:42:37     From  Karen Latimer   to   Hosts and panelists : Steve, Can you throw your email in the chat? I thought I had it, but I don't seem to.

12:42:52     From  Karen Latimer   to   Hosts and panelists : nevermind, found it :)

12:42:55     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : steve@proaging.com

12:43:04     From  Jonathan Pearlman   to   Steve Gurney - ProAging Community(Direct Message) : I’m ready to do the tour at any time :)

12:44:00     From  judyq tiger : Would be great if there was a national competition to foster other similar collaborations, like the former Energy Efficient houses expo that used to be on the mall (ran for a number of years).

12:44:05     From  Robyn Hall : This is awesome. I need to come visit! Thank u

12:44:11     From  Puru Sharma   to   Hosts and panelists : Its great to hear that you want to improve standard of care not just in Pitt but across the world.

12:45:48     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : hey folks if you shift to speaker view in the upper right corner you will get a larger image of jon and the tour

12:45:51     From  judyq tiger : Are there security concerns with regard to using speakers in the home?

12:47:16     From  Puru Sharma   to   Hosts and panelists : @Steve We need more walkthrough videos like this categorizing disease type and needs of Sr Adults. A library for folks, relative, patient themselves and occupational therapist.

12:58:21     From  Jonathan Landers : Thank you for the invite!

12:58:23     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Ally LaCovey (ACL44@pitt.edu)

Jonathan Pearlman (jpearlman@pitt.edu)

Pamela Toto (pet3@pitt.edu)

Portia Erin Singh (PES118@pitt.edu)

12:58:44     From  Melissa Rae   to   Hosts and panelists : Very interesting and informative! Thank you all from this OT ????

13:00:06     From  ABIOLA BAJERE : Thank you to all the speakers.  Awesome technology.

13:00:18     From  Elva Roy : I had never considered one downside of having a bath tub with a little door to provide "step-in" accessibility, you have to sit in the tub while the water drains out at the end of the bath.

13:02:43     From  judyq tiger : The question is not about their monitoring, It is about hacking and well-reported security risks not caused by Pitt Healthy Home Lab.

13:04:32     From  Ravi Bala : The evolution of MATTER based sensors and local API will enable critical "fail safe" capabilities to be pushed down to the local computers and so much of the functionality can be performed within your home; the cloud servers only have to be used for higher level analysis and that can be optionsl.

13:05:03     From  Elva Roy : Right, Steve.

13:06:51     From  Ravi Bala : Outstanding!

13:06:59     From  Elva Roy : Thanks Pitt!

Summary and Full Transcript

  • What does the house look like? like? 0:00

    • The main floor is a fully decorated house with a kitchen, dining room, living room and living room. It feels like a home.

    • The back of the house includes a fully outfitted bedroom.

  • How did you become interested in aging in place? 2:04

    • The university of Pittsburgh is a leading institution in terms of nih funding and funding from many other government and foundation sources.

    • The lab is a home for aging in place work.

    • There is a large and growing aging population in the Pittsburgh region. There is a strong desire from individuals to live at home, but there are also environmental challenges of the housing in the United States.

    • There are several areas of focus, such as access, mobility, safety, fitness and smart home.

  • Mobility technology for homes. 6:45

    • Continuous rail system to provide mobility solutions that are adaptable over community house that are also aesthetically pleasing.

    • Smart home technology center of excellence, looking at smart speakers for older adults and people with disabilities in their home, and training for individuals and clinicians.

    • Every community in the United States should have something like this. Steve is the leading leader in the healthy home lab. He wants to maintain the traditional elements of the home.

    • The work that they are doing here really does have transference to homes across the country.

  • Assessments of air quality and health. 12:48

    • Healthy home lab aims to show the problems for student learning and brainstorming and put solutions in so people can see how they fit.

    • Peru wants to know more about the assessment app project.

    • One of the areas of focus is developing and expanding on current assessment tools. Another area is to develop an assessment tool to evaluate air quality issues and how to mitigate them.

    • Pam is involved in most of the assessments of the home and provides recommendations on what the homeowner should do.

  • The role of occupational therapists in the assessment process. 18:05

    • In the United States, occupational therapists are taking the lead role, but there are a lot of people who don't get to the occupational therapist first.

    • Two pieces of work.

    • Healthy home lab is collaborating with companies like home for life and carolyn to improve quality of life and improve aging and placement.

    • Midwall molding that can turn into a modular support device is a brilliant idea that is part of the core goal of the healthy home lab.

  • Other questions from the public. 23:00

    • John has been renovating his home to be handicap-friendly. He is learning so much by actually doing this project.

    • Courtney asks if the assessment tool is available to others in the aging profession.

    • Will there be funding to bring this prototype and modifications to elderly homeowners across the country that would like to redesign their homes to be a healthy home lab lab.

    • This is more of a laboratory for design collaboration, as opposed to an actual individual person home.

  • Bedroom and living room. 27:54

    • The second floor bedroom has a smart bed that can move based on commands to the Google Home, smart air conditioning, and an air purifier.

    • The living room downstairs has a series of air quality systems that are simultaneously measuring the air quality in the home.

    • The dining room is a showroom for advanced technologies, including highly accessible furniture and smart home technologies.

    • The basement is where some of the additional stair climbing technologies are installed, including the Mobius, a chair rail system that is built over and aluminum extruded systems.

  • Collaboration with the Umc Health Plan. 34:26

    • Healthy home lab is about to launch a pilot looking at a new way of delivering occupational therapy evaluations and home modifications for older adults.

    • Pam has been instrumental in getting involved.

    • The tour gave a better picture of how amazing this project is. It was compared to other universal design demo projects.

    • Air quality is a blind spot for all of us, and could be leading to mom and dad's health problems because of air quality.

  • How to focus on the problems instead of the solutions. 39:05

    • Today's students are smart, but if they don't focus on the problems first, they have nothing to brainstorm on.

    • The university of Pittsburgh is trying to change things, but not change the essence of what home means and all the factors that are part of that.

    • The first time in the house is an immediate flood of thinking and ideas. The lab is an asset at the university of Pittsburgh.

    • The privacy of smart speakers.

    • The older adult is the director of the company. They consider readiness for change in terms of what people's souls are and how ready they are to embrace some of the technology.

    • Porsche is the expert on the context of using these assets in the home through a business lens.

  • Privacy and security in smart homes. 45:55

    • There has always been a concern about privacy and security, but manufacturers have become more aware of it.

    • One of the downsides of having a bathtub with a little door.

    • Ravi says the evolution of matter-based sensors and local API will enable critical failsafe capabilities to be pushed down to the local computer.

    • John is blown away at his cameraman skills with his phone that seems like he does it every day. No final thoughts or anything else.

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