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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 10/16/2023

Marketing Masterminds in Senior Living: Spotlight on Event Marketing

Join us for an interactive discussion that explore the value in organizing, attending and partnering on events (in-person and digital)  

Chat Transcript

15:15:21     From  retta Young : Can you pull up your 3 buckets again?

15:18:32     From  retta Young : Awesome!  Thank you

15:24:33     From  Adele Logan-Galen : Best way to approach someone you think would be a good referral partner but don't know????

15:26:10     From  Cynthia Taylor : They need to know, like & trust you

15:26:31     From  retta Young : You have to build that relationship of trust and get to know this person

15:26:38     From  retta Young : or business

15:27:56     From  Cathi Coridan : Totally agree about the need to be familiar.  Become a colleague, not just a "network junkie".  Focus conversation about meeting the clients' needs, not about how special we are!

15:28:41     From  Jason Jacobson : When speaking to someone ask them what is a great referral for them

15:30:23     From  Tom DeMuth : Have a "service" mindset.

15:30:58     From  Cathi Coridan : I just made it up!!!

15:32:20     From  Steve Lahn : Piggy backing on that.  Don't spend the majority of your time at networking events and having social hour.  Business does not get done that way.  1:1 meetings and partnerships are where that happens.  It's easy to get caught up in all the events happening

15:37:22     From  Jessica Moore : Where is the best place to find upcoming events like expos and tradeshows?

15:38:09     From  Jason Jacobson : Jessica- Northern Virginia Senior Resource Network has great information

15:38:42     From  Jason Jacobson : my company uses Health Fair Connections and IAB Publications- however they pay for these sites

15:40:02     From  retta Young : I find a lot of Expos at the Chamber of Commerce Event Calendar. Local newspapers or their website, InsideNova, The Beacon. Also, listen out to what people mention at Networking events. Someone usually mentions an upcoming event or they are trying to get you to come or be a sponsor. It can add us so your first year look at price, location, impact. Then the following year ROIs on each you attended. Keep track on a spreadsheet, that's what I do.

15:40:07     From  Jessica Moore : I'll check it out!  I see plenty of networking events, but always miss the sign ups for health fairs

15:41:09     From  Jessica Moore : Thank you Retta :)

15:41:45     From  Jessica Moore : I'm at your events all the time haha see you Wednesday!

15:43:04     From  Jason Jacobson : Word of mouth

15:43:53     From  Adele Logan-Galen   to   Hosts and panelists : Great job Steve!!  Hope all is well :)

15:44:13     From  Jason Jacobson : What is the opinion of joining a BNI Group?

15:44:57     From  Adele Logan-Galen : What is your opinion of PSL?

15:46:53     From  Cathi Coridan : I've gotta jump off to host a network mastermind of my own!  This is great and I will promote senior serving realtors to get the recording and watch this!  Good stuff, as usual Steve!!!  :-)

15:50:03     From  retta Young : my apologies, I didn't raise my hand. sorry

15:53:20     From  Steve Lahn : Have to run Steve.  Another good one as usual.  Thanks!

15:58:43     From  Naomi Collins : How many "Save the Dates" do you suggest to be sent for an event that is 90 days away? or should some of those emails be reminders instead?

16:02:33     From  Marsha Komandt   to   Hosts and panelists : You’re so good about that when we sign up & can’t attend or haven’t signed up & wanted to attend, you always accommodate us with sharing the presentation.  Thanks.

16:04:43     From  retta Young : this was awesome!!! Great information

16:04:52     From  Patty Sherin   to   Hosts and panelists : Thanks Steve. You gave me lots to think about.

16:05:05     From  retta Young : I'm planning some events and this really helped me think about things.

16:05:06     From  Tom DeMuth : Thanks, Steve!

16:06:09     From  Naomi Collins : Thank you Steve.  This was a great presentation.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

16:06:25     From  Jessica Moore : thank you!

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