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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 09/25/2023

Memory and Movement Disorders – Are they part of normal aging? Dr. Abigail Lawler

Join us for a live and interactive discussion on the connection between memory and movement disorders, and how they relate to normal aging. 

Dr. Abigail Lawler is board certified in neurology, and is fellowship-trained in both memory and movement disorders. She serves as Disautonomia Director with the Inova Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center (IPMDC).

To schedule an appointment at Inova Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center please call 703.845.1500. Website is  ipmdc.org 

IPMDC locations:

  • Alexandria
  • Fairfax
  • Fair Oaks
  • Gainesville
  • Leesburg
  • Dumfries

Questions Asked

  • I’m in the sandwich generation. My question is whether a child with primary complex motor stereotopies movement disorder is likely to develop Parkinson’s
  • Will/canTtourettes Syndrom (with motor tics) develp to a later diagnosis of Parkinson's?
  • Child has movement disorder that is called primary complex motor stereotipies which is not well known in neurology. No tics and no Tourette’s
  • I am in my 60s and have had an essential tremor for more than 20 years.  My neurologist does not recommend medicine.  Are there any exercises or other things I can do to minimize the tremors including diet?  I exercise regularly.  Tremor is worse when I am stressed. Diagnosed by Dr Harvey singer @ Johns Hopkins
  • Is Vertigo considered a movement disorder?    Jean
  • Who is Dr. Falconer?
  • Though I might not have “serious” issues yet, I am over 60, so would like to establish a relationship with a neurologist just to set a baseline or reference point going forward.  (And, as the moderator states, getting a new patient appointment is increasingly hard to do in a timely manner.)  Is that a bad idea?
  • don’t the meds for Parkinson's potentially make memory issues worse if one has Lewy body Parkinson?
  • Great information Dr. Lawler. thank you so much!
  • Thank you so much for this valuable information.
  • My sister has both dementia and Parkinson's disease.  I plan to give her husband a recording of your presentation today.  It has been very helpful to me as a family member.  Thank you very much, Dr. Lawler.
  • so how would you know if it's parkinson's then?
  • Thank you Dr. Lawler. I now have a better understanding of Movement Disorders.
  • IPMDC exercise, educational and supportive programs and resources can be found at ipmdc.org.????

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