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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 04/26/2023

Overwhelmed by Too Many Photos? You Are Not Alone

Join us for a live & interactive discussion with the author of Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. Cathi will share the 5 steps professional photo organizers use to help their clients gain control of their photo collections. CATHI NELSON Author and founder of The Photo Managers https://thephotomanagers.com/

Find a Professional Photo Manager https://thephotomanagers.com/hire-a-pro/

Mid-atlantic providers: Positive Aging Webinar Handout (1).pdf

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Cathi’s Weekly Newsletter - https://thephotomanagers.com/cathis-pics/

Facebook Page to ask questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thephotoorganizers

Save Your Photos Month; https://thephotomanagers.com/save-your-photos-month/

Hire a Pro: https://thephotomanagers.com/hire-a-pro/

Online Courses https://members.thephotomanagers.com/academy/

Questions Asked

  • Are there any strategies for unprocessed film or unprinted negatives?
  • Will we be discussing digital photos? I have over 10k on my phone and even more on my computer!
  • Please plan a future session on digital photos. Thanks
  • "My grandfather was a photographer, late 1800's to early 1900's photos recently found. No one in family knew where to begin or how to find resources and people to guide family how to preserve and protect special keepsakes and memories. Any guidance or does your organization provide these kinds of
  •  services? Any suggestions would be helpful and so meaningful. Thanks so much for you hard work and meaningul services."
  • Is there a service that will scan photos and preserve them for family groups?
  • So what services does your company provide and what are costs? Also can you talk about professional photo organizing opportunity and how to charge for services?
  • Please explain certification steps and process.
  • So you can old negatives and have image printed? How does one do this?
  • Deduplication software? Please explain. Thanks?
  • Can you recommend a high quality print photo to digital converter for a mac
  • Related faces, is this a company?
  • Is scanning expensive? I have about about 300.
  • This is great to hear printing is coming back?
  • So can anyone scan a negative? This is a little confusing. Do you scan a negative same way you scan a photo or document?
  • As many photos are in the old sticky albums as you remove those guidance on how to handle those?  Bulk scanning via flat bed… can they be stored in a bunch or would then require tissue between them in case of sticky residue?  Thank you this call is great!
  • What is recommended dpi?
  • YOu can use interleaving paper (archival) between the sticky photos.  I would not feed anything that is sticky through a autofeed scanner. If you think you’ll do damage to remove them, then scan on a flatbed first.
  • We have a new born baby in family. Four months brand new. Photo of them sleeping photos look almost the same but if you look closely you can see where baby finally fell asleep and the baby pacifier baby sucked to fall asleep, the little pacifier is in the picture right under babies hand on his pajamas. Great memories thinking about how hard we mothers work some times to encourage our babies to go to sleep.
  • Thank you, so you have to have a special scanner to scan a negative. Thank you for explaining this. So who has these negative scanners or is this something that affordable to invest in if my family has many negatives?
  • Can you repeat the information about the privacy issue turn off on the iphone again please.
  • Wonderful, thank you for great educational information, so much to learn,know, grow with ever changing technology in our lives

Chat Transcript

12:08:16     From  mary busse : I hope there is going to be help for those of us who have tons of photos on our computers that are totally disorganized.

12:08:17     From  Rachel Jenkins : ????

12:08:47     From  Arlene Polangin : Steve, I don't see your face.  All I see is sthe Positive Aging

12:08:58     From  Vivian Horovitch-Kelley : Yes, I have both - old photos AND computer photos...

12:09:32     From  Valerie Mawdsley   to   Hosts and panelists : Suggest you put your “hope” in the Q&A side

12:11:00     From  Mindy Dopler Nelson   to   Hosts and panelists : Will we be discussing managing digital photos?

12:12:44     From  Arlene Polangin : Please say the Mark Twain quote again slowly

12:16:22     From  Laura Kane : Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness

12:16:27     From  Rachel Jenkins   to   Hosts and panelists : Steve, would you like me to answer any questions on the Q&A?

12:20:43     From  Arlene Polangin : I have lots of photos; no idea who the people are tiny and black and white.

12:20:59     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community   to   Rachel Jenkins and all panelists : not yet - we want to make sure that Cathi gets a crack at them to answer verbally you might be able to make a comment in the q and a though!

12:21:30     From  Jeff Rowberg : The digital equivalent being to delete them :)

12:21:41     From  Rachel Jenkins   to   Hosts and panelists : Sounds good. I’ll stay out for now. LOL

12:22:18     From  Arlene Polangin : Jefff: good comment; delete!!

12:23:34     From  Rachel Jenkins : And turn Live Photos off on your iPhones! Unless you specifically want to use the feature.

12:23:38     From  Teresa Townsend : Arlene, do you have other family members that might help identify those photos?

12:24:41     From  Arlene Polangin : Have put the photo on our family website and no one knew who the person with my mother was.  They were dressed formally for some event.

12:24:44     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Here are additional discussion we have hosted on moving, downsizing and organizing https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/videos?q=moving+&+downsizing

12:25:32     From  Kathleen Steed   to   Hosts and panelists : If you have 15,000+ photos on a computer or in iCloud, how do you organize them?

12:27:03     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : We will be doing another discussion on this topic next month, with a Photo Manager who is certified by Cathi and featuring a real-life story of someone who has gone through this process! What To Do With All Those Photos?https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/events/what-to-do-with-all-those-photos

12:28:04     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Here is a link to Photo Managers in the mid-atlantic in Cathi's network

12:29:09     From  Kathleen Steed   to   Hosts and panelists : Is there an organization where one can check on certified photo managers in other areas, as in NYC?

12:30:17     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Film Processing Services https://www.mpix.com/

12:30:41     From  Rachel Jenkins : Dodge Chrome does film development in Silver Spring

12:30:48     From  Rachel Jenkins : Sure!

12:30:59     From  Tamar Marks   to   Hosts and panelists : Can you still get film developed at the usual places such as Walgreens, etc.?

12:31:25     From  Jeff Rowberg : PhotoSweeper for Mac is awesome, Duplicate Clean Pro for Windows is good too

12:31:32     From  Jeff Rowberg : *Duplicate Cleaner Pro

12:31:34     From  Rachel Jenkins : Agreed Jeff

12:32:07     From  Rachel Jenkins : Got it!

12:32:37     From  SAM KNUTSON : I would second the recommendation for PhotoSweeper very polished tool.   The latest version included in macOS Ventura of the Mac Photos app includes duplicate detection automatically.

12:32:42     From  Valerie Mawdsley   to   Hosts and panelists : I save my photos on my Mac photos into folders starting with a month/year, then the occasion.  It keeps them in order.  I’ve been making Shutterfly books from them.  Oh, I scanned and had scanned all my printed folders to start this process.

12:33:06     From  Arlene Polangin : Two more sessions: digital protections and home movies.  I have loads of both.

12:33:55     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Whether a museum is looking to preserve a famous painting or a photographer wants to preserve a treasured photo, both will find the archival supplies they are looking for here at Archival Methods. https://www.archivalmethods.com/

12:34:19     From  SAM KNUTSON : I digitized probably 50 VHS tapes my wife’s mother had and then edited and loaded them to YouTube (as unlisted) it has been wonderful for the family who had no way to see these memories that were stuck on obsolete technology in a box in a closet.

12:34:48     From  Deborah Sokobin   to   Hosts and panelists : How did you digitize them?

12:34:49     From  SAM KNUTSON : I used footbridge https://www.fotobridge.com/ who has good service and discounts for larger numbers of tapes, photos, slides.

12:35:42     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Powerful technology to enhance your genealogical searches.

Related Faces uses AI to scan your photos and isolate faces.https://relatedfaces.com/

12:35:49     From  martin K   to   Hosts and panelists : Can you recommend a high quality print photo to digital converter for a mac

12:35:59     From  Purushottam Sharma : Thanks for mentioning AI in face recognition and crowd counting and rest of other details are possible

12:35:59     From  SAM KNUTSON : Wow! https://relatedfaces.com/ this is a little mind blowing

12:36:27     From  Valerie Mawdsley   to   Hosts and panelists : Sam - what did you do for volume on the VHS tapes?  I can’t decide whether to leave in the (sometimes awful) conversation or to put it to music.

12:37:09     From  SAM KNUTSON : Please talk about the need to cull photos before scanning.  Scanning 50K photos when you should scan 10K makes your task that much harder!

12:38:11     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : The Photo Managers is a community of professionals who are passionate about helping their clients manage photo collections and tell their stories. https://thephotomanagers.com/

12:39:26     From  Kathleen Steed   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you.

12:40:46     From  Pamela Braxton-Joyner : hi. I joined late. is there a way I can get these links after the session?

12:42:57     From  Rachel Jenkins : 10s of 1000s….

12:43:11     From  Allison Pihl   to   Hosts and panelists : We’ve helped someone go from 120k photos to about 30k photos - mostly duplicates

12:44:00     From  Chitra Mohla   to   Hosts and panelists : What is the software that identifies duplicates

12:45:40     From  SAM KNUTSON : I would recommend for scanning contemporary (non-fragile) types of prints the FastFoto FF-680W Epson scanner.  It really was a game changer for going through all the prints of my parents estate.   https://epson.com/For-Home/Scanners/Photo-Scanners/FastFoto-FF-680W-Wireless-High-speed-Photo-Scanning-System/p/B11B237201   it includes easy to use scanning software that encourages organization.   This is if you want to do some scanning yourself.

12:46:36     From  martin K   to   Hosts and panelists : Thanks sam

12:48:37     From  Kathleen Steed : I read an article in the New York Times that wearing gloves is not recommended for dealing with archival material.

12:48:38     From  Allison Pihl : There are chemicals to remove residue, and archival paper that can go between pictures.  Archival Methods has good info on that

12:49:18     From  Teresa Townsend : I use archival paper from Archival Methods. Placed between the sticky photos if the client wants to save those photos.

12:49:58     From  Rachel Jenkins : Jessica. You can add interleaving between sticky photos. I would not scan any that are sticky. If you think you’ll do damage removing the photos, use your flatbed to scan them first.

12:50:53     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Rachel Jenkins 12:48 PM 

YOu can use interleaving paper (archival) between the sticky photos.  I would not feed anything that is sticky through a autofeed scanner. If you think you’ll do damage to remove them, then scan on a flatbed first.

12:51:29     From  Rachel Jenkins : Free comes at a cost...

12:52:35     From  Arlene Polangin : Who besides Google would you suggest to use your photos.  Does Google own your photos if you put them on Facebook?

12:53:01     From  Pamela Braxton-Joyner : thank you so much!!!

12:53:35     From  SAM KNUTSON : Twitter, Instagram, Facebook none are sure to be here or stable in the future.

12:53:49     From  Aileen Klein : what storage app or program do you recommend?

12:54:06     From  Arlene Polangin : I know Twitter and Instagram almost "gone" now.....

12:54:09     From  SAM KNUTSON : A photo site like one you setup on Smugmug is nice because you are in control.

12:54:17     From  Rachel Jenkins : @Arlene, I would check your terms of each service. They change frequently. Paid services are generally more protected than free. I use SmugMug and have it locked down with regards to who can see it. Some of my clients have used OneDrive, Amazon etc for storage.

12:54:56     From  Heather Nickerson : Artifcts.com is great for telling the stories behind your most important photos, the S photos that Cathi mentioned.

12:55:49     From  Rea E.   to   Hosts and panelists : Can u write information on the back of photos.? Is there a special kind of pen to use?

12:56:01     From  Rafi Levin : How can we sign up for her newsletter & tips ?

12:56:08     From  Arlene Polangin : I take the photos on my iPhone and then share some with specific family on Facebook Message or through my email or with specific groups I belong to like my family group.  We did a 2 year search and now have a 500+page printed book for our family who purchased.

12:56:19     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Find a Professional

Photo Manager https://thephotomanagers.com/hire-a-pro/

12:57:33     From  Rachel Jenkins : Oh Lordy!

12:58:43     From  SAM KNUTSON : Nooooo Live Photos is the cheat code for getting a group people photo with everyones eyes open and smiles.  You can toggle it on and off but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  Live photos later you can chose the frame you want and set it as the one.

12:58:57     From  Tamar Marks   to   Hosts and panelists : Join the Photo Manager Facebook group.  You can ask a lot of questions there.

12:59:51     From  Rachel Jenkins : Just don’t forget to turn it off Sam! I’ve seen collections where 50% of their photos are Live!

13:00:24     From  Janie Scott   to   Hosts and panelists : I processed a roll of film at Walgreens recently.

13:00:26     From  Arlene Polangin : I took 21 rolls of 36 photos in 2       weeks in Iceland.  I put them in an album. That was in 1994.

13:00:50     From  Aileen Klein : cvs just brought their developing back, but they send them out.

13:00:51     From  SAM KNUTSON : Another whole talk would be about taking pictures that you will want to keep!  I went through 700 35mm slides from my parents trip to Hawaii and 95% of the photos without family in them got tossed.  A couple photos for scene setting is great but photos  of food, flowers, mountains probably won’t be interesting in a few years.

13:01:26     From  Vivian Horovitch-Kelley : Thank you so much!!  So many great ideas!  And I can't wait to hear more about this.

13:03:05     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Projector App https://apps.apple.com/us/app/projector-app/id1585850104

13:03:19     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : https://artifcts.com/

13:03:19     From  SAM KNUTSON : I didn’t add music because I wanted people to hear the voices and conversation of those family members many of whom were not with us anymore.  I actually never met my wifes dad as he died young but feel I know him because of watching all those tapes so many times editing them.

13:03:26     From  Mary Kathryn Lawton : Last company mentioned? to play on tv?

13:03:51     From  Rachel Jenkins : Projector app

13:04:07     From  Cathi Nelson   to   Hosts and panelists : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/projector-app/id1585850104

13:04:14     From  Mary Kathryn Lawton : Thank you, Rachel!

13:04:23     From  Tamar Marks : It’s called the Photo Organizing Hub…. Great group !!! On Facebook

13:04:28     From  Rachel Jenkins : https://projector.app/

13:05:01     From  Natalie Doyle   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you, Cathi and Steve. Another great presentation. And helpful, too, as always.

13:05:20     From  Cathi Nelson : Sign up for newsletter https://thephotomanagers.com/cathis-pics/

13:05:38     From  Rafi Levin : Great session - Thanks !

13:05:43     From  SAM KNUTSON : Great talk and conversation Cathi!  Thank you!  Thanks Steve for moderating!

13:05:50     From  Cathi Nelson : https://www.facebook.com/groups/thephotoorganizers

13:06:20     From  Mary Kathryn Lawton : Wonderful session!! Thanks so much!

13:06:52     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Kim Conaway 01:06 PM 

Can you repeat the information about the privacy issue turn off on the iphone again please.

13:06:55     From  Susan Payne   to   Hosts and panelists : Thank you!!  Wonderful Webinar!

13:07:54     From  Rachel Jenkins : Squirrel!

13:08:46     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : Anonymous Attendee 01:08 PM 

Wonderful, thank you for great educational information, so much to learn,know, grow with ever changing technology in our lives

13:09:17     From  Linda Smibert : thankyou so much...lots to learn

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