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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 11/04/2021

Retire Abroad? Discussion with Dan Prescher, Senior Editor of International Living

A live & interactive discussion with Dan Prescher Senior Editor of International Living and the Author of Retiring Overseas on a Budget a foremost authority on worldwide living options. Learn about different destinations, costs, protocols and healthcare considerations. 

Co-hosted by Toni Reinhart, a recent retiree who is living with her husband in Spain. 

Since 1979, International Living has highlighted overseas retirement destinations in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, countries where you can enjoy a whole host of benefits, including low cost but very high quality and caring healthcare, good value real estate, a very low cost of living,

Link to Podcast

Questions Answered

  • How often do you travel back to the US?
  • Do you have children? How often do you see them?
  • Can you explain briefly how to find/manage healthcare abroad? Do you buy insurance in the country or does Medicare cover anything? How do you know what insurance to look for?
  • how long can you stay in another country while maintaining US citizenship?
  • My husband is eligible for Italian citizenship and, by virtue of getting married to him before 1983, I am as well. We are in the process of getting our case before the Italian courts and understand the process takes about 3 years. This gives us a lot of time to get a lot of our questions answered and we have many. Can you address any situations you wished you had known about before moving…things you may have done differently or wished you had looked into more? More importantly, how best to educate ourselves for such a huge move (books to read, websites, newsletters, etc.) Deb Merriner, Buckley’s for Seniors
  • "Dan, which was you favorite place, why? What were the differences between your retirement places? Where did you live in Mexico?
  • If you have children, was there any resistance to your moving?"
  • SO are you dual residents? How much did that process cost?
  • Do you file US taxes?
  • Do you have to pay taxes in all countries?
  • I want to rent in Mexico before deciding to buy.  Does International Living provide a way to advise individuals on way to find rentals in different cities in Mexico
  • What about healthcare?  Guess this depends on the country, but I would be concerned about getting adequate healthcare when needed.
  • We are two married women retirees. Any countries we should avoid?
  • what is your experience with health care servcies, emergency medical care, specialist, routine health care, covid vaccines...etc...

Chat Transcript

12:05:03     From  Ada Horsfall : Are you tired of the same mundane job? Are you looking to be in control of your schedule? Do you like advocating for others navigating the highly fragmented health care system? 

If you answered yes to any of these, reach out, as I am looking to hire self-motivated independent Care Managers and Friendly Visitors for MD/DC & VA region.

Ada Horsfall (MD, MBA, MHA,) Director of Care Management at Lifematters. 301-615-0616 ahorsfall@lifemattersusa.com 

Lifematters is a home care company providing care management, homecare and social engagement concierge services in DC, MD & VA for seniors and adult children. 

We are healthcare advocates and provide enhanced advocacy and care coordination for seniors and adult children.

12:05:09     From  Sonia Gow   to   Hosts and panelists : Hi Toni!!! It is so awesome to see you!!

12:07:55     From  Wendy Pachter   to   Hosts and panelists : Interested in why Spain?

12:13:28     From  Patricia Dubroof : Where in Spain are you?? I lived a year in the Alpujarra - a little village called Bubion.

12:13:43     From  Patricia Dubroof : I made 50 paintings and then came back to the states and sold them at an exhibition.

12:15:04     From  Patricia Dubroof : I love Alicante!

12:18:44     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Overseas https://internationalliving.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-medicare-overseas/

12:18:59     From  Kim Jones-Turner : Do you have to pay separate for dental care?

12:20:34     From  Kim Jones-Turner : Do you worry at all about terrorists?  I know there are terrorist here in the US, but I would think it would be more to worry about there?  Also abductions in Mexico and crime?

12:20:42     From  Anne Cohn   to   Hosts and panelists : How were you able to obtain a residency card/visa to live there permanently? And what do you do about taxes? Do you have to pay taxes on your American income/pension?

12:21:11     From  Anne Cohn   to   Hosts and panelists : Im interested in the experience that Toni has in Spain

12:22:27     From  ANDREA FALLER : I have a grandfather who was Spanish.  Is there an advantage to applying for Spanish citizenship if I want to live in Spain?

12:22:40     From  Linda Hernandez-Giblin : Good for you for prioritizing learning the native language(s)!

12:23:11     From  Cindy Kardeman   to   Hosts and panelists : how long can you live in another country and maintain US citizenship?

12:27:21     From  Patricia Dubroof : RE language, we hired a local to give us 1:1 lessons. Really helped!!

12:28:40     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : World Rankings: The Best Places to Live https://internationalliving.com/world-rankings/

12:29:44     From  Kim Jones-Turner : Thanks, that's good to know

12:30:41     From  Karen Carter : If you wanted a part-time job, how challenging is it to find one?

12:32:04     From  Wendy Pachter : Any special comments or advice for people who are single?

12:35:26     From  Anne Cohn : How did Toni get permanent residency in Spain? Did you have to show income and ability to be set supporting? What abut taxes?

12:35:47     From  Wendy Pachter : What about social security benefits—do you lose them once they have started if resident in another country?

12:46:34     From  Debbie Beares   to   Hosts and panelists : What about people w/ pre-existing conditions? Will they be eligible for getting health insurance?

12:49:39     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Real Estate Overseas https://internationalliving.com/real-estate/

12:50:07     From  Steve Gurney - ProAging Sourcebook : Country Pages https://internationalliving.com/country/

12:52:45     From  Linda Hernandez-Giblin : Dan, do you think your business will change recommendations based on climate change?

12:57:23     From  Patricia Dubroof : Great discussion!!! I'm counting down to retirement.

13:00:44     From  Patricia Dubroof : Thanks Steve!

13:00:53     From  Ada Horsfall : Amazing conversation Steve, Dan and Toni!

13:00:58     From  Juliann Uritus   to   Hosts and panelists : Great discussion and moderating!

13:01:01     From  Ada Horsfall : Thank you!!!

13:01:06     From  Karen Carter : this was fantastic! Thanks

13:01:08     From  Patricia Dubroof : Toni so excited for your new place!

13:01:09     From  Wendy Pachter : Yes, so wonderful and helpful.  And uplifting as compared w/ many other Senior disc

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