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Posted by Capital Caring Health on 04/12/2024

Robotic Companion Pets

These pets are proven in numerous clinical studies to provide joy, comfort, and interactive companionship to patients and peace of mind to their families and caregivers. Join us for a live and interactive discussion to learn more about these innovative pets. Learn about the Robotic Companion Pet Therapy Program at Capital Caring Health and how the pets are used to bring comfort and joy to their patients and their families. 

Steve Cone Chief of Communications, Marketing, and Philanthropy Capital Caring Health

Click here for more details, to donate, buy or learn about the Robotic Companion Pets

Chat Transcript

12:06:55     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : https://www.capitalcaring.org/get-help/our-services/robotic-companion-pets/

12:15:20     From Rebecca Finegan : I love this.

12:18:35     From Arelis Perez : Me, too, I did not know this was in existence. My pet died in my arms last year and my 9-yr.old grandson suggested to nana that I eed an AI dog for the future. WOW! Bless you.

12:21:29     From Jose Ramos : Kin-Keepers.com is a research organization placing AI translation into these PETS.

12:21:59     From Jose Ramos : It makes the utterances of the elders understood by caregives.

12:23:27     From Arelis Perez : Gracias, Jose, for your response.

12:24:01     From Jose Ramos : This effort started in Puerto Rico

12:24:43     From Arelis Perez : Que viva, Puerto Rico! Pa' Arriba!

12:26:02     From mary busse : What animals are available? Only dogs?

12:28:23     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : scone@capitalcaring.org

12:32:30     From Arelis Perez : A lot easier and safer to travel with on an airplane.... or other means of transportation.

12:33:37     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : At Capital Caring Health, one of the nation’s oldest non-profit advanced illness care and hospice providers, we want to provide the highest quality care to our patients. That is why we have begun to incorporate Robotic Companion Pets into our care plans for veterans, patients with Dementia, and pediatric patients. https://www.capitalcaring.org/get-help/our-services/robotic-companion-pets/

12:33:59     From Kendra Atkinson  to  Hosts and panelists : Wow that's amazing!

12:34:52     From Jose Ramos : It is aimed at the caregiver, not the elder.

12:35:55     From mary busse : why not show a demonstration?

12:37:04     From Ann Langston  to  Hosts and panelists : Yes, I like the realistic looking dogs. Do these dogs come with any extra items or accessories? Or can you purchase extra items through Capital Caring to go with the dogs, bones, bandanas, etc.?

12:38:39     From Wendy Paul : Jose can you clarify what you mean when saying it is aimed at the caregiver?

12:38:52     From Jose Ramos : I have noticed that some Nursing Homes buy only a few for all the residents, which does not work well. Elders need one of their own.

12:39:32     From Ann Langston  to  Hosts and panelists : I love it!

12:47:27     From Arelis Perez : THANK-YOU, Steve & Steve! Have a blessed weekend!

12:47:33     From Wendy Paul : Thank you!

12:48:42     From deb merriner : Thanks!

12:48:43     From Ann Langston  to  Hosts and panelists : Thank you!

12:48:45     From Gina Doolittle  to  Hosts and panelists : Thank you!

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