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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 11/04/2020

Spotlight on GoGoGrandparent - Innovative Service to Help Older Adults Remain Independent

A conversation with Justin Boogaard Founder/CEO of GoGoGrandparent

GoGo helps older adults live independently in their home for as long as possible. By working directly with on demand services, GoGo manages the mobility, meals, groceries and more of their clients. GoGo’s “GoGoGuardian” system helps protect clients living with cognitive, visual, physical or dexterous impairments to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable independence. Built in 2015 as demanded by the CEO’s grandmother, GoGo is now relied upon by hundreds of thousands of older adults throughout the United States & Canada. 

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Chat Transcript

12:06:05     From  Amy Solomon   to   All panelists : Hi Everyone - nice to meet you.  Amy Solomon with Hartman Executive Advisors- Strategic Technology Advisors.  Affordable outsourced IT leadership and consulting:  Strategic IT Assessments, telehealth, EHR, cyber risk, HIPAA compliance.  asolomon@hartmanadvisors.com; 410-917-9870

12:06:29     From  steve gurney : https://www.grektek.com/homemonitoring/

12:06:43     From  Julie Bottroff : Good Afternoon. Julie Bottroff from Catholic Charities and the Saint Jude's project. I work with clients with movement disorders like Parkinson's, ALS, Huntington's Disease. 


12:06:52     From  Ashley Johnson : Please share and all job opportunities, I am looking to transition soon. Thank you advance!

12:07:04     From  Rebecca Wirt : Will this be recorded for later viewing?

12:07:07     From  Lindsey Vajpeyi    to   All panelists : Is anyone in need of used office phones? Call 703-204-4664 or email maria.hoffman@insightmcc.org if interested. 

12:07:15     From  Hugh Briss   to   All panelists : Sorely needed in Charlottesville, VA, professional support for people with limited vision.  I know of some in Northern VA, but none here in Charlottesville.  Several residents where I reside could sure use some of the devices on the market.  Write to name.withheld@gmail.com.  Thanks.  —Steve

12:07:22     From  Lindsey Vajpeyi  : Is anyone in need of used office phones? Call 703-204-4664 or email maria.hoffman@insightmcc.org if interested. 

12:07:44     From  Lindsey Vajpeyi  : Hi! Lindsey Vajpeyi from Insight Memory Care Center in Northern Virginia. lindsey.vajpeyi@insightmcc.org or 703-270-0043. 

12:07:55     From  Judy Tiger : would love to see the PPE go directly to frontline hospital workers, especially nurses

12:08:38     From  Jennifer Hammer   to   All panelists : Hello everyone! Jennifer Hammer with Silvernest, a technology platform that supports homesharing nationwide.  Jennifer@silvernest.com  

12:09:28     From  Queenie Kemmerer : Good Afternoon Everyone, Queenie Kemmerer - Home Marketing Services for Seniors (HMSS) www.hmss-usa.com 703-476-2260 HMSS helps seniors making a transition from their home to a retirement community for FREE, for them and the community.

12:09:49     From  Hugh Briss   to   All panelists : Blind client can make phone calls with Amazon Echo (Alexa). Easy, once set up.

12:10:09     From  Adam Decker : Adam Decker   Keswick Wise & Well Center     deckera@choosekeswick.org    410-662-4236

12:11:38     From  Ellen Pincus : Hi Ellen Pincus Cavalier Home Health 5⭐️5 according to CMS and Top 3 in VA. 703-477-6252 epincus@cavalierhomehealth.com

12:12:03     From  steve gurney : https://nvdcc.com/conference-schedule/

12:12:11     From  Emily Fader   to   All panelists : Emily Fader, Answers for the Aging Program based in Baltimore, MD at Catholic Charities. 667-600-2100 efader@cc-md.org

12:12:23     From  steve gurney : Emily Fader, Answers for the Aging Program based in Baltimore, MD at Catholic Charities. 667-600-2100 efader@cc-md.org

12:12:43     From  Emily Fader : Thanks, Steve!!

12:13:25     From  John Kipps   to   All panelists : Hi John Kipps at ComForCare Home Care - Northern Fairfax; jkipps@comforcare.com, 703.870.3711

12:14:46     From  Jamel Spence   to   All panelists : Jamel from Housen Homecare in Laurel MD

12:15:14     From  Deb Merriner : Thanks for this great info!  Deb Merriner, Buckley’s for Seniors, www.buckleys4senior.com, Premium Concierge and Transportation

12:15:18     From  Mark Asch : Hello All... I hope everyone is doing well...I am Mark Asch with Right At Home a licensed home care agency providing caregivers to assist clients with non-medical home care in Montgomery County, Prince George's County and parts of Baltimore in Maryland   mark@rightathomemd.net  410-292-2405 Direct

12:15:36     From  steve gurney : Jamel from Housen Homecare in Laurel MD

12:15:39     From  Lindsey Vajpeyi  : Join us for the Norther Virginia Dementia Care Consortium's 34th Annual Caregiver's Conference! Free and open to families and professionals. November 9-13 from 10am-noon each day via Zoom. See the schedule, register to attend, and visit the virtual exhibit hall at nvdcc.com. 

12:15:42     From  Jamel Spence   to   All panelists : Housen Homecare is a staffing agency for caregivers who provide basic skilled help to at home client’s. Our number is: 301-232-7312

12:15:56     From  steve gurney : Hello everyone! Jennifer Hammer with Silvernest, a technology platform that supports homesharing nationwide.  Jennifer@silvernest.com  

12:16:02     From  Jamel Spence   to   All panelists : Oops 301-933-8188 Housen HOmecare

12:16:38     From  steve gurney : Hi all, Rita Hart of Driving Moms& Dads  www. driving o dad.com 240-223-2418

12:18:42     From  Victoria Hathaway   to   All panelists : Hi, All!  This is a topic near & dear to my heart. My dad’s sentinel event (ALZ) was while driving, and my mom just gave up driving and her partner too in the last few months. Although I drive for Neighbor Ride in Howard Co., MD, I want more great alternatives in more areas for this crucial need! Director of senior programming, 410-979-4284 Victoria@BobLucidoTeam.com

12:24:40     From  Judy Tiger : want to know: (1) how does client pay for the service. (2) how is security handled, given that the client's name, phone # and address are in GoGo's database?

12:25:33     From  Judy Tiger : does GoGo also plan to add deliveries, ie doordash?

12:25:36     From  Deb Merriner : Aside from GoGo Medical, does your company offer door through door service?

12:25:56     From  ann johnson   to   All panelists : yes Go Go Medical is a great need in the DC area

12:26:25     From  steve gurney : https://gogograndparent.com/

12:27:32     From  Hugh Briss   to   All panelists : Alexa, ask Uber to call me an Uber X from work

12:27:50     From  Judy Tiger : can you schedule a ride for a future time/date rather than calling for a ride "now"?

12:28:23     From  Judy Tiger : have to have a smartphone? or can this be handled on a landline?

12:29:51     From  Judy Tiger : how do you order groceries or meals if you don't use a smartphone?

12:30:16     From  Audra Backaitis   to   All panelists : This is for people who don't have a smartphone.

12:30:42     From  Adam Decker : Do specific drivers agree to participate with GoGo so they are familiar with systems or can any Uber/Lyft driver get assigned?

12:30:47     From  Judy Tiger : yes, definitely want to learn about go go guardian

12:31:35     From  Judy Tiger : are some drivers able to manage wheelchairs?

12:33:00     From  Judy Tiger : really impressive!!!

12:33:15     From  Hugh Briss   to   All panelists : You can use Alexa to call the GoGo number.  Alexa is very skilled.  Think about coupling Alexa to your GoGo service.

12:33:52     From  Judy Tiger : does go go guardian cost more?

12:36:18     From  Judy Tiger : how are tips for drivers managed. customers can offer them? should offer them? shouldn't?

12:37:47     From  joanne gerald   to   All panelists : how do the members pay for the ride service?

12:40:05     From  Judy Tiger : please address security

12:40:05     From  Terri Hansen   to   All panelists : Just to clarify--do you have to join Go Go Guardian and pay the $9.99 monthly?

12:40:32     From  Hugh Briss   to   All panelists : Hugh is chief techie here.

12:42:57     From  Judy Tiger : please do address level of security with all of this personal information in their hold

12:53:09     From  Judy Tiger : amazing. how many people are "we" behind the scenes?

12:53:38     From  Hugh Briss   to   All panelists : I’ve never heard of a Sikh named Mohammed!

12:55:19     From  Judy Tiger : does guardian cost more per month? or more per a ride? 

12:57:11     From  joanne gerald   to   All panelists : And this service is now available in PG County, MD.

12:58:12     From  Judy Tiger : steve, please ask about security of client info

12:58:14     From  steve gurney : https://gogograndparent.com/

13:00:30     From  Judy Tiger : security of client information, not the client

13:02:39     From  Hugh Briss   to   All panelists : Nice session, and innovative service.  Gotta run to next meeting.  —SteveG

13:03:21     From  Judy Tiger : wow, thank you!!!

13:04:02     From  Christine Sevier   to   All panelists : How do they handle folks with MCI?

13:06:23     From  Mary Gerace   to   All panelists : Can an organization like a Village, have an account that can be shared among certain members?

13:09:02     From  Christine Sevier   to   All panelists : Yes Senior Support Services of the Tri-Valley 925-495-0330 - Call me so I can connect

13:09:03     From  Christine Sevier   to   All panelists : .

13:09:23     From  Christine Sevier   to   All panelists : Great Idea to Partner with local non-profits

13:13:48     From  Terri Hansen   to   All panelists : Fabulous program.  Thank you very much.

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