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Posted by Tall Oaks Assisted Living on 04/14/2022

Virtual Parkinson's Resource Fair

Learn how Sonia Gow from Inova Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center helps individuals and families find resources and you will get to meet and interact with some of the organizations that have proven helpful. 

Chat Transcript

2022-04-13 11:58:12 AM Steve Gurney : Welcome everyone! Hope you are enjoying our virtual conference center!  Just double click on any chair and you can move from table to table. Don't forget to turn on your mic and camera at the bottom.  Program will kick off soon! 

2022-04-13 12:02:23 PM Steve Gurney : if you need help jump over to the information table in the upper right corner or Remo help button is in the lower left corner

2022-04-13 12:09:36 PM Jennifer Brown : Hi everyone  Jennifer Brown - Seabury Care Management - 202-364-0020  -  jmbrown@seaburyresources.org  

2022-04-13 12:09:58 PM Susan I Wranik : Susan I Wranik, speech-language pathologist providing in-home/online care for treatment of  speech-swallowing-memory (the dementias) with a special focus on Parkinson’s for vocal strength. Licensed to practice in the DMV. www.speakskill.com; susan@speakskill.com  301 520 2332

SOS:  Here to Help™ HI all!

2022-04-13 12:11:18 PM Leslye Lawson : Leslye M. Lawson 

Director of Community Relations & Marketing 

Tall Oaks Assisted Living

12052 N. Shore Drive • Reston, VA 20190

t. 703-834-9800 e. llawson@talloaksal.com

2022-04-13 12:11:44 PM Sonia Gow : Sonia Gow

Program and Community Care Manager

Inova Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center (IPMDC)

sonia.gow@inova.org    |   703.375.9987   |   inova.org/move

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month!

2022-04-13 12:12:30 PM Markita Brown : Good Afternoon Everyone!  Markita Brown, MSW, CDP, CDSGF

Outreach & Support Coordinator

Insight Memory Care Center

703-204-4664 (main) | InsightMCC.org  

markita.brown@insightmcc.org (email)

Learn more | Our Programs | Get Involved

2022-04-13 12:13:34 PM Catherine Narro : So far so good! I enjoyed meeting some of the other attendees on the floor! Catherine Narro Sencura Homecare catherine@sencura.com 703.880.2547

2022-04-13 12:14:14 PM Amanda : Hello folks! Amanda Waggy here, Amanda Waggy, B.S., CDP

Regional Director of Sales

Retirement Unlimited, Inc.

2847 Penn Forest Blvd., Suite 201

Roanoke, Virginia 24018

703.975.2303 (cell)


2022-04-13 12:15:52 PM Deb Merriner : Looks like my camera didn’t activate. Hope my microphone did.

2022-04-13 12:16:58 PM Pam Ostrowski : Hello! I'm Pam Ostrowski, founder of Alzheimer's Family Consulting, helping families navigate the Alzheimer's journey. Email me at Pam@ItsNotThatSimple.com if you'd like to connect about helping families.

2022-04-13 12:19:36 PM Bob Pearson : Bob Pearson, Parkinson's and Veterans Advocate.  Disabled American Veteran Service officer  (DAV)

2022-04-13 12:19:55 PM Mariam Nabizad : Mariam Nabizad 

2022-04-13 12:19:59 PM Alec Langstein : Hey everyone! I'm Alec, your Parkinson's Personal Trainer! In-home one-on-one, Rock steady boxing classes, and on demand workout videos!

2022-04-13 12:20:22 PM Bob Pearson : Bob Pearson   (703) 405-7969  please text   DAV

2022-04-13 12:20:26 PM Trista Windows : Hello! Trista Windows, COTA/L, CDRS coming here from Driver Rehabilitation Center of Excellence - we offer comprehensive driving evaluations as well as vehicle modifications. Physically located in Chantilly, VA and Fredericksburg, VA but can see clients from all over the DMV and beyond

2022-04-13 12:20:32 PM Mariam Nabizad : Mariam Nabizad Community Relations Manager at Insight Memory Care Center - Mariam.Nabizad@insightmcc.org OR 703-270-0046

2022-04-13 12:23:06 PM Katie England : Katie England- Fox Rehab- outpatient rehab PT, OT, SLP and we treat individuals in their home! Katie.england@foxrehab.org

2022-04-13 12:23:30 PM Ellen Pincus : Thank you for this presentation. Ellen Pincus Community Ambassador with Silverado Memory Care Assisted Living in Alexandria, VA cell 571-775-9408 ellen.pincus@silverado.com

2022-04-13 12:24:45 PM Susan I Wranik : PFNCA Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area offers online exercise classes available nationally for physical and vocal  strengthening. 7days a week. parkinsonfoundation .org or contact  me and I'll connect  you. susan@speakskill.com

2022-04-13 12:25:39 PM Arvette M. Reid : Hi everyone!  Arvette M. Reid with the Lifecare Affordability Plan

2022-04-13 12:25:41 PM Sean Sweeney : Sean Sweeney, CPT CDP medical exercise specialist/ personal trainer providing in-home/online care with a special focus on gait and functional movement. admin@allfitnessmatters.com 240 429 0716 

2022-04-13 12:27:36 PM Melissa Bressler : Melissa Bressler, Outreach Manager/OT at HandyPro of Washington DC Metropolitan / Multi-service construction company specializing in home modifications, serving the individuals and their homes in Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia and parts of West Virginia / melissa@handypro.com / 301-960-1060

2022-04-13 12:28:59 PM Cynthia Shannon : Cynthia Shannon  Community Outreach Director for Lifecare Affordability Plan  working with Arvette and Jennifer.  cshannon@seia.com 703.936.0221

2022-04-13 12:30:36 PM Steve Gurney : 1)  IPMDC

2)  Inova Loudoun Hospital Outpatient Rehab

3)  PD3

4)  Rock Steady Boxing

5)  Sportrock – rock climbing

6)  Bob and Carolyn - Veterans Benefits if you are a Veteran with PD.

7)  Jeff started a Toastmasters club for people with Parkinson’s, because everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard.

8)  Parkinson’s Foundation

9)  Insight Memory Care Center

10)  Positive Aging Sourcebook

11)  Tall Oaks

2022-04-13 12:32:03 PM Elizabeth Mako : Hi everyone, a little late here! I am here today with Dawn Lewis from the Parkinson's Foundation. Elizabeth Mako - Capital City Nurses Home Care emako@capitalcitynurses.com 703-789-1028

2022-04-13 12:39:54 PM Raju Datla : I am Raju Datla, Director of Atrium Assisted Living in Montgomery County with 4 homes for 8 residents each. We have designed and custom built one of those homes as a rambler for helping Parkinson residents. It has all resident rooms, kitchen, dining and exercise equipment with all activities etc. easy to access all in one floor. Our website: atrium-assistedliving.com. CEO: Devi Datla 240-793-6052.

2022-04-13 12:41:34 PM Sonia Gow : Dawn Lewis with Parkinson's Foundation

2022-04-13 12:41:47 PM Sonia Gow : Jeffrey Arnette

2022-04-13 12:42:04 PM Michele Zimmer-Forster LCSW : Hi everyone, I am a little late joining but happy to do so.  Thank you for the opportunity.

2022-04-13 12:42:58 PM Jessica Hardiman : Hi All, I am here because my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I would like to try and understand what she is going through and would like to understand the types of resources that are available.

2022-04-13 12:43:30 PM Mariam Nabizad : Steve can you add Markita 

2022-04-13 12:43:31 PM Mariam Nabizad : Brown 

2022-04-13 12:50:52 PM Sonia Gow : Hi Everyone! Please turn your camera and mic on and you can chat with people at your table.

2022-04-13 1:06:17 PM Trista Windows : Hi everyone - I'm having technical difficulties with my MacBook and am unable to move to a different table.

If anyone would like to hear more about Driver Rehabilitation I am set up at Table 17 - come join me!

2022-04-13 1:19:01 PM Josefa : PD3 page on Inova - https://ipmdc.org/pd3plus/





Zumba Page - https://ipmdc.org/zumba-gold-for-parkinsons/

Calendar - https://ipmdc.org/events/ 

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