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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 08/21/2020

Virtual Tour and Discussion - Maryland's Newest Nursing and Rehab Center

A first look live virtual tour of Maryland's newest Nursing & Rehab Center on the campus of Stella Maris. This session will also feature an interactive discussion with team members from Stella Maris who will share details of the project and a frontline perspective of working on a large senior living campus during COVID-19. 

  • Henry Cason, ASST VP Nursing 
  • Vanessa Proto, Director of Rehabilitation 
  • Regina Figueroa, CAO 
  • Rose Kendig, Dir. Of PR & MKTG 
  • Tracy Barnett,Dir. of Admissions

Chat Transcript

14:06:25     From  Winsome Brown   to   All panelists : Winsome Brown from Lean on Dee Senior Care Advocates  leanondee.com 410-449-4538

14:07:13     From  Rochelle Hamilton   to   All panelists : Good afternoon, Rochelle Hamilton from PsychoGeriatric Services.  Email:  pgsliaison@pg-nhcare.com and office # 240-691-4367 or cell 301-922-5769.

14:14:13     From  Diane Watson   to   All panelists : Toilet looks low. is it?

14:15:19     From  Sophia Ross : Love these features already!

14:16:22     From  Melissa Koppal : This is a game changer! Congrats! Melissa Koppal-Liaison  Community Angels Nursing Services 301-351-1777 MKoppal@CommunityAngelsInc.com We Accept Medicaid Waiver Serving All in Maryland

14:16:29     From  Norma Jackson : No confusion as to answers the call first?

14:16:47     From  Norma Jackson : as to WHO answers first?

14:17:22     From  Krista Kramer   to   All panelists : What is the brand of the call button system?  What accessibility options are available on it for deaf or blind residents?

14:17:32     From  Diane Watson   to   All panelists : There are toilets that are higher (not standard)to prevent the need for raised toilet seat; higher toilets esp needed for pts who had recent total hip replacements

14:18:05     From  Viviene Walters   to   All panelists : viviene walters from DSS landover

14:18:45     From  Howard Lin   to   All panelists : Are all rooms private rooms?

14:21:00     From  Santana Akinsete   to   All panelists : thanks for the answers on how many beds! so it’s 60 beds total in facility?

14:26:29     From  Rochelle Hamilton   to   All panelists : Rochelle Hamilton's email is pgsliaison@pgs-nhcare.com - This is a beautifully thought out facility!

14:27:25     From  Diane Watson : Aides were deemed most critical as they have become the family to residents whose family couldn't come to visit. What plans do you have if CNA's become ill? Do you have strike teams in place to come in and fill gaps if you don't have enough replacements? 

14:28:43     From  Regina Fiqueroa, CAO   to   Diane Watson and all panelists : Hi we have had aides get ill and recover. We have utilized agency staff but never needed the strike team...yet. 

14:29:15     From  Regina Fiqueroa, CAO   to   Santana Akinsete and all panelists : yes 60 total for rehab!

14:31:10     From  Diane Watson : Sounds safer for staff and patients

14:31:43     From  Regina Fiqueroa, CAO   to   Diane Watson and all panelists : I will look into the size of the toilets, but if needed we will utilize raised seats as the toilets are already installed.

14:33:04     From  TEJASH NATALI : Love the Stone Sign

14:35:59     From  Mary Modderman   to   All panelists : From Mary Modderman, MS, OTR/L, CAPS

14:36:40     From  Mary Modderman   to   All panelists : I’m interested in finding out if your are hiring part time or full time OT’s? How would I apply?

14:42:08     From  Mary Modderman   to   All panelists : What computer program do you use for billing and documentation of care?

14:42:31     From  Regina Fiqueroa, CAO   to   Mary Modderman and all panelists : Point Click Care and Epic

14:42:48     From  Mary Modderman   to   All panelists : Do you have a music therapy program as well?

14:42:56     From  Vanessa Proto, Director of Rehabilitation   to   Mary Modderman and all panelists : We contract through Rehabcare-  You can find us at Rehabcare.com- We use Casamba skilled

14:43:19     From  Debbie Tedesco : Hi!  Debbie Tedesco, Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Fairhaven/Buckingham's Choice/Bayleigh Chase/Manor House, deborah.tedesco@actslife.org, 215-480-5731

14:43:52     From  Regina Fiqueroa, CAO   to   Mary Modderman and all panelists : yes we have music therapy that now Iis being live streamed thru our internal tv channels

14:43:54     From  Stephanie Moore : Stephanie Moore - Business Development for Brookdale Senior Living Towson and Pikesville - Assisted Living and Memory Care

14:45:01     From  Stephanie Moore : Stephanie Moore 410-218-7034 or email smoore73@Brookdale.com - Private, sunny apartments available. 

14:49:11     From  Tracy Barnett,Dir. of Admissions : Tracy Barnett-Director of Business Development & Admissions, Stella Maris: 410-252-4500 x 7333 or tbarnet2@stellamaris.org. I look forward to supporting your residents, clients, family and friends rehab needs! 

14:52:40     From  Stephanie Moore : It's beautiful! I've been in and out of Stella quite a bit up until the end of February and I was so looking forward to seeing the finished footprint. So happy I logged on today. Congratulations Stella Maris!

14:53:10     From  Regina Fiqueroa, CAO   to   Stephanie Moore and all panelists : Thank you!

14:55:23     From  Janet Magruder   to   All panelists : Congratulations Stella Maris!  This is so exciting!  You are leading the way for rehabilitating our seniors.  Thank you!

14:55:37     From  Diane Watson : Really a beautiful center and you all obviously work well together

14:56:04     From  Debbie Tedesco : Thank you for sharing!  Best wishes to Stella Maris!

14:56:37     From  Tracy Barnett,Dir. of Admissions : Great to see you Debbie! Thank you for the well wishes.

14:57:55     From  Mary Modderman   to   All panelists : Thanks so much for allowing us to see the wonderful center you all are working to make excellent!  Take care and stay safe! Mary Modderman, OT

14:58:09     From  Joan Romanini   to   All panelists : personal rehab for me was outstanding!  the new facilities looks awesome along with the staff!  thank u!

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