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Posted by SmithLife Homecare on 04/11/2024

We Turn The Mic on Steve Gurney!

Steve Gurney has interviewed hundreds in his 35 year career as the Publisher of Sourcebook and host of the popular Positive Aging Community Discussions. This time, Steve is NOT the interviewer but the interviewee. It’s your chance to get to connect with him in a whole new role! Bring your questions and ideas and be ready to engage in an interactive session! 

Hosted by: Renan Augusto Director of Digital Marketing at SmithLife Homecare

Chat Transcript

12:02:50     From Nancy Ruffner : Break a leg, Steve Gurney!

12:03:22     From Sue Christopher : So excited to learn more about Steve!  He is an awesome host.

12:03:32     From Steve Vasquez : Thank you for joining! We are happy to have you here. Please feel free to put your questions for Steve Gurney in the chat.

12:04:05     From Crystal Thomas : testing

12:06:14     From Annie Shaw : I first heard of you when you and your kids move for a while in a nursing home. that was fascinating. I wish nursing homes had young peopleliving there. Are there any inter-aging facilities around in DMV?

12:10:07     From Deborah Bratcher : OMG, I LOVE that!! YES

12:11:27     From Tom DeMuth : Thanks for everything you do supporting older adults, Steve!  What advances in technology do you think will help make aging in place a possibility for more seniors?

12:12:07     From Beatrice Blatteis  to  Hosts and panelists : What about the surf shop?

12:12:13     From Deborah Bratcher : So... did I miss your answer to Annie's question?  Are there InterAging Facilities anywhere in the US?

12:15:31     From Alice FISHER  to  Hosts and panelists : I am one of the founders of OutstandingLife.org, a virtual community for LGBTQA AND OUR FRIENDS. Just last week I participated in a memoir writing class run by a college sophomore…..he was great.  We enjoyed one another mutually.

12:18:01     From Jane King : Is it difficult to be constantly motivated?

12:19:33     From Carolyn Sutterfield : This is so much fun. You are definitely an extrovert, Steve! But getting back to the inter-aging question. have you had any contact with Generations United?

12:19:33     From Steve Vasquez : Learn more about GROWS

Learn more about GROWS – The Grass Roots Organization for the Wellbeing of Seniors: https://grows.memberclicks.net/

12:19:45     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : https://www.growsmc.org/

12:21:21     From mike cronin : For Deborah: Steve tells lovely stories in response to Renan’s questions. Answers are not easily discernable in the lengthy replies. He did get in to stay for a time in a retirement community in northern Virginia but did not elaborate.

12:22:43     From Deborah Bratcher : Mike: Cool. I love his stories for sure. I really would like an answer to her question though. :)

12:23:01     From Crystal Thomas : Less serious question here lol. What's your favorite thing to eat and what's your favorite movie.

12:23:53     From Steve Vasquez : Learn more Positive Aging Community

To learn more about the Positive Aging Community visit: https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/about-us

12:28:08     From Joe Sperling : How about "Princess Bride"?

12:28:13     From susan kimmel  to  Hosts and panelists : I loved sliding doors!

12:28:17     From Victoria Hathaway  to  Hosts and panelists : Steve, I have long been your Raving Fan…thank you for all you do in our niche work for professionals serving older people, and in our wider community as well. You are the BEST! <3

12:28:30     From paula david : The sourcebook and these informative zoom sessions have been so helpful to me. Caregiving for my parents has been evolving and helped immensely especially the past 6 months leading up to my father's passing. I've learned the questions that need to be asked and how to deal with professionals involved in my parent's care. I've experienced a sense of calm in leading my family to doing the best we can for my parents. Thank you Steve!

12:28:47     From Steve Vasquez : Positive Aging Champions

To become a Positive Aging Champion visit: https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/champions

12:29:35     From Victoria Hathaway : Steve, I have long been your Raving Fan.  Thank you for all you do in our niche work as professionals serving older people, and in our wider community as well.  You are the BEST!  <3

12:30:33     From Joe Sperling : Passion is the word for Champions and for Steve!

12:30:52     From Steve Vasquez : Sourcebook

To order your free copy(ies) of the Positive Aging Community Sourcebook visit: https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/digital

12:31:09     From deb merriner : Steve, How do you keep from overextending yourself??You've been so helpful to so many people in so many ways  - your family, the aging community and their caregivers, the professionals in the senior industry, the Reston community etc. etc. . How do you keep all these balls in the air?

12:35:28     From Tyler Lloyd : Speaking on AI what role do you feel it will play in aging populations

12:39:39     From Louis tenenbaum  to  Hosts and panelists : It has been a pleasure to know Steve since the very beginning of his work, and watch him grow, learn and mature, and be so excited while his efforts have meant so much to so many people, including me. Big Time!

12:41:16     From mary busse : Are you going to feature the AI bot that interviews senior?

12:41:38     From deb merriner : Do you have any plans to extend the reach of The Sourcebook to Western PA?  Pittsburgh could really benefit with this.

12:42:49     From Sarah Carballo : High Steve! Love to see the passion! Are there and upcoming events or projects that you are excited about?

12:45:38     From Deborah Bratcher : Dude - you are a fixer par excellent!!

12:48:41     From R H  to  Hosts and panelists : I might have missed this, but what got you interested in the aging population in your 20s?

12:49:05     From Jennifer Gerynowicz  to  Hosts and panelists : What’s your involvement in villages and do you have any insights from living in the homes that carry over to the villages in helping them succeed?

12:52:03     From Steve Vasquez : See upcoming Positive Aging Events

To see a calendar of upcoming Positive Aging events visit: https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/events

12:52:29     From Connie Inukai : Where do you list these in-person events?

12:53:49     From R H  to  Hosts and panelists : Wine, Women and Dementia is or was also being screened at Artomatic in Washington, DC.

12:55:16     From Lee Morrow  to  Hosts and panelists : Is there any kind of online resource or document that has people or organizations that help support positive aging listed by region.  i.e northeast, southeast, south, Midwest, west….

12:55:24     From Paula Osborne  to  Hosts and panelists : Awww

12:59:06     From Connie Inukai : I love your insights on aging!

13:01:11     From Deborah Bratcher : Excellent presentation! - thank you so much for all you do and all the helpful conversations you help get going.

13:04:30     From Lee Morrow  to  Hosts and panelists : Are you saying Aria?

13:04:56     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : area agency on aging

13:05:12     From Lee Morrow  to  Hosts and panelists : TY Steve

13:05:59     From Jennifer Gerynowicz  to  Hosts and panelists : Where do we book time with you

13:06:07     From Rebecca Finegan : This has been amazing.  Thanks to you both

13:06:34     From Lee Morrow  to  Hosts and panelists : Yes, so glad I tuned in. Thank you both!

13:08:12     From Steve Gurney - ProAging Community : https://calendly.com/proaging/30min

13:08:38     From Nancy Ruffner : We appreciate you and your work, so much. Your positivity, and providing education and connections empowers us all! Thank you both for this conversation.

13:09:21     From R H  to  Hosts and panelists : Thank you for your insights and for this positive and candid conversation! So helpful!

13:09:46     From Sarah Carballo : Thank you both!! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

13:09:50     From Carolyn Sutterfield : Thanks, Renan. For setting this up. Spending this time with Steve will keep us inspired!

13:09:54     From Tom DeMuth : Thanks for everything you do supporting the aging community, Steve!

13:09:56     From R H  to  Hosts and panelists : Thanks to you both!

13:10:36     From deb merriner : Great to get to know you better, Steve.  Thank you!

13:10:52     From LeAira Gonzalez : Thanks Renan. Great job hosting.

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