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Posted by Positive Aging Community on 10/23/2020

Who Gets What and How to Divide? Help Avoid Family Conflicts After We Are Gone with FairSplit

An interactive discussion with David MacMahan of FairSplit.com where we will dive into this topic and learn about the Fairsplit.com technology platform which helps with listing, sharing and peacefully dividing the personal property of estates, in death, divorce or downsizing online

Chat Transcript

12:04:30     From  Elizabeth Singleton   to   All panelists : Elizabeth Singleton, SRES realtor with Samson Properties, anticipating family conflicts

12:04:45     From  Meryl Schaffer : YYYEEEAAA!!! for Corliss.

12:04:53     From  Joe Sperling : Good afternoon everyone.  Joe Sperling here.  I would love to help you put in place protections for LONG-TERM-CARE as well as LIFE insurance and DISABIILITY INCOME  insurance.  Life is uncertain.  Stuff happens.  Be prepared.  Call me.  301-980-8869.  joe@joesperlinginsurance.com.  

12:05:03     From  Anna Novak : Anna Novak, Senior Move Manager for Simply Downsized, and owner of HomeTransitionPros.com.

12:06:08     From  Amy O'Donnell : Happy Friday everyone!  Amy O’Donnell, Magic Maker Solutions, Home of the Ultimate Fresh Start & Wishes Granted including Organizing/Productivity Consulting, Complete Rightsizing & Moving Coordination, Project Management & Lifestyle Maintenance

Complimentary 15-minute phone chats, virtual/DIY & safe on-site sessions DMV and beyond, info@magicmakersolutions.com, 301.291.5767

12:06:10     From  steve gurney : meet Corliss and her colleagues at https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/cu/b7yHsnP/wlec

12:06:20     From  Mary Moeder : Happy Friday everyone! Mary Moeder with Byrd and Byrd LLC, Attorneys at Law,  301-464-7448 Call or text this number, www.byrdandbyrd.com  We are Elder Law and Litigation lawyers. We are licensed in MD and DC.

12:07:06     From  steve gurney : meet all the women leaders in elder world next Friday at our Networking at Noon event https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/events/networking-noon-3495

12:07:29     From  Beverly Jacoby : Hello Everyone!  Beverly Jacoby with Comfort Keepers In-Home Senior Care.  beverlyjacoby@comfortkeepers.com, 703-895-9227

12:07:51     From  steve gurney : find all recordings and upcoming events at https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/digital-discussions

12:08:28     From  kimberly lipinski : Kim Lipinski, Elder Nourish, kim@eldernourish.com, all custom menus - meals delivered. 571-234-1135 www.eldernourish.com

12:12:48     From  Patricia Dubroof : GOod Afternoon! happy Friday to all. Patricia Dubroof, pdubroof@assistinghands.com, 301-363-2587 Assisting Hands Home Care is here to help you support your loved ones at home! Call me to discuss how to make this work well for you.

12:13:40     From  Mary Williams : Mary@MaryWilliamsNOVA.com  Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) with Samson Properties in Chantilly VA

12:14:24     From  Loretta Williams : Hi, all!  I'm Loretta Morris Williams, certified elder law attorney at Hale Ball PLC in Fairfax VA.  I also do a lot of trust/estate planning and administration.  lwilliams@haleball.com.

12:16:26     From  Joe Sperling : We are able to do insurance application online, and with DocuSign it can be a touchless process.  Call me to talk about LONG-TERM CARE coverage possibilities.  Joe Sperling 301-980-8869.  joe@joesperlinginsurance.com.  

12:16:39     From  Jennifer Brown : Hi - beautiful Friday!   Jennifer Brown - Community Relations Manager - Seabury Resources for Aging - jmbrown@seaburyresources.org  - We are hiring Care Managers contact me.  We serve the DMV.  

12:19:04     From  Jessica Williams   to   All panelists : Hi everyone! Nice to see you... Jessica Williams Professional Organizer at Clutter Doctor www.clutterdr.com 757-999-2664 cell

12:25:20     From  steve gurney : Audience please help this attendee: How does one dispose (donate) stamp & coin collections?

12:25:44     From  Mary Moeder : Great ideas! Do you also suggest that your clients put this in legal documentation to help the facilitator/executor so the client definitely knows items go to whom they choose. We know family can and do still fight, so don't you think this would help?

12:26:11     From  Cheryl Wheeler The Sr. Ctr. of Lbg : Berryville VA has a Coin Shop.(not sure of name.

12:28:30     From  Meryl Schaffer : Julian Ledman owns Bonanza Coins in Silver Spring, MD extremely knowledgeable.  I have known him for many years.

12:34:02     From  Amy O'Donnell : Seems like this could also be helpful for insurance purposes and if/when property is moved to a storage  unit and family has to go through it later…SO many applications!

12:36:12     From  Mary Williams : So useful for insurance and household contents estimations.  In the event of fire, flood or other natural disaster, this inventory could be so valuable. 

12:39:51     From  Joan Green : I am so impressed by the utility of this platform and really appreciate the fact that there is no cost to use the basic level.

12:40:59     From  Joe Sperling : This platform is truly fanfreakintastic!!

12:42:40     From  Ada Horsfall Lifematters   to   All panelists : Amazing platform!

12:47:44     From  Judy Wagner : This appears to be a great tool.  Really impressive.

12:49:28     From  Joe Sperling : This program should be promoted to all estate planning attorneys, CPAs and financial planners.

12:52:29     From  Daniel Sanders : be careful with this as insurance claim data. some insurance companies and certain categories require a certified appraisal not just a listing with estimated values.

12:52:45     From  Amy O'Donnell : Could be fun activity for Thanksgiving…even virtually…

12:53:44     From  Patricia Dubroof : The video story from Mom is delightful.

12:54:16     From  Anna Novak : Would be helpful to do it with your own stuff to get practice and familiarize yourself with the platform.

12:54:57     From  Patricia Dubroof : Never to early to plan!

12:57:58     From  Cheryl Wheeler The Sr. Ctr. of Lbg : We all deal with Greif in different ways

12:58:09     From  Mary Williams : I'm going to recommend this to my siblings and my husband to start our own inventories.

12:59:12     From  Mary Moeder : Great information! I had to move overseas years ago before we moved and took some items and store others. We had to do before it was on computers. I can see this will be much easier. Thank you.

12:59:22     From  Anna Novak : If anyone is or wants to get good at using this tool please let me know so I can send opportunities your way.  I see so much potential for my Downsizing clients.  annanovak@hometransitionpros.com

13:02:48     From  Anna Novak : sorry make that anna@hometranstionpros.com. : )

13:03:10     From  Elizabeth Singleton   to   All panelists : Wonderful information.  Thanks so much for providing this opportunity and for sharing.

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